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Friday - January 20, 2023


Aquarius season kicks off this morning, dear Crab, invigorating you to embrace the unknown, mix up your routines, and seek to evolve throughout the next several weeks. These vibes are all about personal transformation, making it important that you lean into change. You'll also notice your relationships growing, as you connect more deeply with the ones you love. Keep your eyes peeled for signs and synchronicities as the Capricorn moon aligns with Uranus, ushering in messages from beyond the veil. A mystical energy will take hold later tonight when Luna blows a kiss to Neptune, marking the perfect occasion to meditate or lean into your spiritual side. 


The circle of life always dances on, Cancer. Today, as the sun leaves behind Capricorn, it will venture into the vast and cerebral skies of Aquarius. This announces the arrival of Aquarius season, a time of the year when we are eager and excited to socialize and connect with many other people. Don’t let this energy go to waste. Regardless if single or attached, set up fun events with friends and acquaintances and let the electric pace of life enliven you. The sun’s light will make sure that you’re feeling embraced by a loving universe.

Dating: It might feel as if you're going crazy today, but it's really just a disconnect between you and your friends. They may be wrapped up in their own nonsense, and you shouldn't interpret that as emotional distance.


Money matters and work entanglements will be on your mind, Cancer. Since the sun will enter Aquarius today, you might become increasingly focused on private professional and financial affairs. Aquarius season is a unique astrological period that will help you detach from any potential issues or entanglements. But doing so will require you to be level-headed since you will need to look for unconventional ways to feel more empowered and in control. Re-establish your boundaries and expectations to avoid progressing in anything that may eventually become a greater debt than an asset to you.

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