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Thursday - October 21, 2021


Tensions are scattered throughout Thursday’s skies, Cancer. Give yourself space to sanely navigate things. The Taurus moon’s square with walled-off Saturn can make close connections in fresh social settings hard to foster, so aim to confide in your close inner circle instead. The bulk of the tension stems from self-concerned Mars’ square with truth-telling Pluto, illuminating hidden emotional issues brewing between the home and relationship front.


Cancer, you're in the mood to experiment and yet still feeling torn. This is especially significant with the moon glimmering through your freedom-loving eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world, but there's more. The moon will join forces with rebellious Uranus, which, in turn, inspires the desire to break free and/or go against the grain somehow. Crushing on a friend of a friend? The opportunities are endless when you're on social media, but things get tricky with today's Mars-Pluto square activating your cozy fourth house of innermost feelings and your seventh house of significant others. You're being called to use your discernment.

Dating: Get your act together and get in touch with others -- particularly those who've disagreed with you in the past. Talking will get you everywhere today. It's time to make amends and clear away all that nasty business from your past.


What obligation comes first, Cancer? As Mars squares Pluto today, your responsibilities at home and work could potentially clash. Both matter greatly, so it can be challenging to prioritize one over the other. You may have familial or home obligations as well as your duties to your contracts at work. There may even be difficulties in meeting both personal and professional relationships halfway too. As this square persists, you may feel the tension from either end. Try to remain calm while you get one thing done at a time.

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