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Sunday - October 02, 2022


Mercury ends its retrograde motion this morning, dear Cancer, bringing clarity to your mind where there once was confusion. Unfortunately, the aftershock of this planetary backspin will continue to ripple through the cosmos until October 16, when the planet of communication clears its post retrograde shadow. Give yourself permission to prioritize love and harmony above all else when you awaken, or a t-square between Luna, Venus, and Jupiter could cause you to feel overwhelmed, even if it's by too much of a good thing. Consider spending your evening at home, relaxing with your favorite foods and closest companions. 


Today could feel like you’re a toy top sputtering around, losing steam, Cancer. You may quite literally feel like you’re spinning! This is because mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, has frozen in the skies above. This is always immensely uncomfortable, as the world is dealing with the awkward sense of changing direction. Stillness, also, can be immensely irritating and challenging. Don’t let the anxiety get to you. Just meditate, center yourself, and know that this Mercury retrograde storm will soon fade behind you. You’ll be spinning in glory before you know it once again!

Dating: You and your friends, or worse, your date, are all over the place, but don't let that get you down. Just because you can't agree on much today doesn't mean you have to get into fights.


Miscommunication and travel mishaps are about to come to an end, Cancer. It has been a wild few weeks as Mercury retrograde has caused one too many issues to upset your work-life balance. So, expect to feel relieved when Mercury stations direct in Virgo today. Now direct, Mercury in Virgo is ready to help you smooth over any Freudian slips or miscommunication and even to address the elephant in the room with your coworkers. Getting to and from work may even be less stressful than usual if you commute.

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