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Thursday - October 14, 2021


As a Pisces, you tend to absorb the influences of everyone in your environment without even meaning to. Thursday’s skies encourage you to hole up in a world of your own with low social interaction and prioritization of rest. Luna’s square with change-demanding Uranus is likely to throw a wrench into conversations later but only for the good of illuminating how you can better communicate with those around you.


Luna continues to wander through your secretive twelfth house of closure, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, but it will simultaneously square off with freedom-loving Uranus via your curious third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate surroundings. Have you been contemplating your next move, Pisces? Your thinking patterns and communication style—specifically regarding dating and romance—are being highlighted during this time. Some of you could be looking at a romantic connection from a completely different point of view but also feeling guarded when it comes to speaking these emotions freely. Be honest with yourself and your lover.

Dating: You'll have to keep juggling rapid-fire events as the day begins, but expect things to quiet down by this afternoon. That downshift in momentum could take the form of snuggling and romance, so be ready for a visit from Cupid.


Today is taking on a more reflective note, Pisces. You may want to lean into a head-over-heart approach to your career as the sun in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius. The trine forms a heady alliance between your hidden sectors of investment, transformation, and self-undoing. Now is the time to go within to find the answers you seek about your career path. Whatever you want to do or invest in is at your fingertips. You may need to rely only on yourself and your intuition to see that after reflecting on such.

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