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Thursday - September 14, 2023


You may feel slightly unrested when you awaken this morning, dear Pisces, as a harsh connection between the Virgo moon and Saturn threatens to sabotage your sleep and sense of personal balance. Take care to embrace grace as you move through morning routines, searching for small moments of beauty and harmony as a way to recalibrate. You may hear from a former flame when Luna crosses over Mercury retrograde later today, though your own thoughts may turn to the past as well. Consider doing something romantic before heading to bed, whether you schedule a date night or invest in personal pampering. 


You have a powerful ability to look at life through the lens of the heart and emotions, Pisces. With new transits arriving, you’ll be especially tapped in now! The asteroids and their movements often provide more insight into soul evolution. Vesta, the asteroid named after the Roman goddess of the hearth and the home, is important to watch because she also ties to one’s inner sacred flame. This light can never perish or be stolen, as it is rooted in the core of one’s soul. Vesta is now orbiting within Cancer — a fellow water sign — and will encourage you to embrace your emotional needs in connection to sacred sexuality.

Dating: You're deep in some new emotional crisis, but remember that crises are opportunities! You might not even see this one as that bad because it's putting an end to something you don't like much.


Embrace your authority, Pisces. Now is the time to be more self-accountable when the moon in Virgo opposes Saturn retrograde in your sign and conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Both transits will encourage you to let go of any inhibitions that might be holding you back from being responsible with your professional commitments. Now is the time to let go so that you can have the much-needed discussions that could turn your arrangements around for the better. Own your boundaries and expectations to assert yourself with your commitments confidently. 

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