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Saturday - April 10, 2021


Today’s cosmic landscape enlivens your spirit, Pisces. Your ruling planet, spiritual Jupiter, receives a sweet visit from charming Venus. This pairing enhances your confidence, ups your sex appeal, and increases your magnetism. It’s an ideal day to invest in your aesthetics and appearance, as you’re in touch with yourself on a deeper, confident level. Elsewhere, expressive Mercury aligns with Saturn, helping you make realistic plans around your earning power.


Single or taken, you've got your eyes on the prize, Pisces. You're prioritizing your value and stability (as you should), but there's more on the way... and you might not be expecting it. For instance, with today's charming sextile between Venus in your comfort-seeking second house and lucky Jupiter in your secretive twelfth house of surrender, the cosmos is reminding you of your worth. Mercury (ruler of your relationship sector) will also link up with Saturn in your mystical twelfth house—so, some of you could be experiencing a karmic connection during this time. The universe has your back!  

Dating: You have your opinion, just like everyone else, but right now is probably not the best time for you to push it out there. People are much more resistant to new ideas than usual.


Pisces, you could have a discussion with a manager or boss at work that pertains to your compensation. This is due to the positive planetary alignment between communicative Mercury in Aries in your second house of earned income forming a positive sextile with stable Saturn in Aquarius in your hidden twelfth house. Take your time with this conversation and develop a strategy around how to approach. The stars are on your side!

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