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Wednesday - May 15, 2024


Remember that transformation doesn't typically happen all at once, dearest Pisces, as the Leo moon aligns with the Nodes of Fate. This energy is all about taking smaller steps on the path toward personal evolution, granting yourself grace and room for mistakes along the way. You may feel slightly overstimulated as evening rolls in and Luna squares off with Venus, especially if your to-do list is vast. Don't pressure yourself to handle everything all by yourself. Ask for help if you need it. Opportunities for healing come into focus later tonight when Chiron stirs, nudging you to ground and breathe.


A very soft and gentle shift is likely popping up for you, Pisces. This is because Ceres, an asteroid far off in the depths of space, is set to begin a long retrograde in Capricorn. While it won’t bring a major factor to face instantly, the beauty of the asteroids is that they often illuminate very subtle, nuanced insights into ourselves, other people, and the world in which we live. Ceres holds ties to self-care and self-love and teaches us to nourish ourselves so we are always growing, never dying. With Ceres retrograde in Capricorn, you’ll even turn your attention to how you are taking a disciplined and focused approach to building your personal life.

Dating: You're a little grumpy right now thanks to a friend or roommate who owes you something. It might not be money, but it hardly matters. You're not going to see it for a while longer!


What is your motivation to work hard, Pisces? Financial opportunities are the answer to the question as the moon in Leo trines Mars in Aries. You might only work so hard if there is a financial incentive on the table. However, this could also deter you if you do not have a raise or promotion coming up. Instead of letting your momentum dwindle, you could think of other ways to stay motivated. Maybe it is time to set your own financial goals so that you stay on track at work.

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