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Wednesday - March 15, 2023


Harmonious Venus and ethereal Neptune join forces in your sign today, darling Pisces, bringing a soft and sweet energy to your aura. People will be drawn to the emotional and mental comfort you can provide, though you should be mindful to maintain healthy boundaries within your social sphere, especially when Luna becomes agitated this afternoon. Plan on carving out some time for solitude when the moon, sun, and Saturn connect in the sky this evening, pushing you to embrace introspection and self-accountability. You'll sense a shift later tonight when the moon migrates into Capricorn, putting you in a more social headspace. 


A five-star day for love and romance is here for you, Pisces. In fact, you may like it most of all. Today, sweet Venus dazzles in your seas and will unite in an exact conjunction with your planetary co-ruler, Neptune, now orbiting in your solar first house of identity and zodiac sign. This would be a fabulous moment to indulge in all matters of the heart. A soulmate connection, past-life relationship, or twin flame could cross your path. Be sure to plan something extra special, regardless of your relationship status. A day this good doesn’t come twice!

Dating: There's way too much going on today for you to focus on only one thing for very long. That's cool, though, because you can still get plenty done, even if you feel like a hummingbird!


You are glowing, Pisces! It may feel like you are the talk of the town as Venus in your sign conjuncts Neptune in your sign. The conjunction will heighten your allure, so you will come across as more professionally attractive than usual. You may feel more confident and even beautiful, which can help you take strides in your workplace. Since this conjunction will also attract professionals from all arenas, you can use it to your advantage to elevate your professional opportunities. You can make this dreamy transit work in your favor!

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