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Wednesday - March 06, 2024


You'll be a hot topic as the Capricorn moon aligns with Mercury, dear Pisces, elevating your position within the community. Use this energy to spread positive messages and further your personal goals, chasing inspiration when Neptune stirs this afternoon. Meanwhile, Mars and Chiron share a supportive exchange, reminding you to appreciate small moments of silence and the beauty surrounding you. Gratitude will be healing under these vibes, so be sure to appreciate what you've built. The energy shifts this evening when Luna enters Aquarius and aligns with Pluto, putting you deep in thought as you find ways to evolve.


The days ahead of you could leave you spinning, but perhaps not in the best of ways, Pisces. As mighty Mars, the red planet of action and drive, continues to sizzle through the heavens, he will square electric Uranus. This ensures that you could have a whirlwind romance or challenge if you step out of town with your sweetheart. However, if single, finding a hot hookup while journeying about may only end up with a somber heart. Don’t dance into the arms of someone who doesn’t love your tender heart just because you’re eager for a little danger. You could be nursing yourself back to life because of it.

Dating: All your best traits are magnified now, so make the most of this boost. You couldn't be more amazing and attractive than you are now. If you want to ask out that cutie, now is your chance.


What do you secretly need, Pisces? It might be time to honor your value system in your work life and finances when Mars in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries. You may have experienced letdowns in the past by not getting opportunities aligned with what you value. Although this might have been disappointing, it should not define you or your ability to move forward. Reflect on what you truly want to pursue in your work life and what you value for your financial goals so that you feel confident going after new opportunities. 

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