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Wednesday - March 06, 2024


Be direct within your relationships and professional dealings this morning, dear Leo, as the Capricorn moon and Mercury align. Adjust your attitude around perfection when Neptune stirs this afternoon, finding beauty in your process no matter how messy it may be at times. Let passion drive you toward divinity when Mars aligns with Chiron, finding healing that raises your vibration and inspires joy. Softness follows you as evening rolls in and the moon enters Aquarius, making it easier to love yourself and others. Nurture deep bonds while transforming dynamics when Luna and Pluto join forces tonight.


Rocky energy is crackling through the clouds like heat lighting, Leo. While you are a fixed fire sign and live for the heat of passion, chaos, and instability can leave you licking your paws. In the coming days, the red planet, Mars, will square electric Uranus—an immensely challenging and shocking aspect. While this brings extra attention to your solar tenth house of achievement, you may need to damage control things in your career, which could leave your sweetheart cranky that you’re not paying them any attention. They may even suddenly have a dramatic or rebellious moment if you don’t at least keep them in the loop. Instead, you may feel so on edge you just want to hide out in solitude.  

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Keep moving forward, Leo! You have a wonderful chance to go into a new direction with your professional journey. However, you may have to confront your fears and worries when Mars in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries. The sextile will encourage you to reflect on why you might be pumping the brakes on an opportunity to advance. Maybe it is your fear of change or moving too quickly. No matter what it might be, you might benefit from introspection since it could help you feel more confident as you embrace a new chapter in your professional journey.  

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