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Sunday - February 28, 2021


Sunday’s skies are anything but relaxed, Leo. You’re in the mood to accomplish things and the universe is ready to back your efforts, as the moon glides through busybody Virgo and makes a series of well-supported aspects. The latter half of the day sees a shift in mood, as the moon dances into peace-seeking Libra. This is making it easy to communicate and soothe over any rough patches with those in your environment.


Prioritize your life behind the scenes, Leo. Tell your cutie you're taking a well-deserved mental health day. Everything's better when you recharge your batteries, so don't hesitate to do so. Besides, today's moon in sentimental Cancer will ignite your secretive twelfth house of closure, dreams, karma, rest, solitude, hidden agendas, and unconscious patterns, highlighting everything from your subconscious longings to the person you are behind closed doors. Meanwhile, Luna's sextile to rebellious Uranus in your ambitious tenth house of authority, however, encourages you to take your individual freedom seriously. How can you integrate these parts of you with your current relationship?

Dating: Things aren't going as quickly as you want them to, but there's no way to push them just yet. Patience is your best bet, and you might show someone a side of yourself they really want to see.


Dear Leo, with a significant change in budget, you are able to take more action towards the interest of your goals. This is time when the universe is granting you with progress, so take advantage! The first rule of business is planning. But this works best when you also listen to your heart. Strategize and plan, but think creatively about how to move forward in order to increase sales or business growth.

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