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Sunday - May 15, 2022


The energy could feel stressful or exhausting today, dear Leo, as the moon continues its journey through intense Scorpio, gearing up for the full moon eclipse this evening. Don't feel guilty if you decide to hide away in the comfort of your own home, though you should look for ways to stay productive by catching up on any chores that may have accumulated during the workweek. Watch out for pressure or stress within your love life later tonight when the sun, moon, and Saturn enter a harsh t-square in the sky. Avoid making important decisions right now, especially if they involve living arrangements or your sweetie.


If you're experiencing tension with regards to your and/or a significant other's belief systems today, don't be discouraged, Leo. Venus will conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, via your truth-seeking ninth house of adventure, expansion, and unknown territory. So, if it isn't unexpected travel delays putting a damper on things, chances are you're experiencing disagreements with a lover. Moreover, with the moon reaching its peak of fullness for tomorrow's lunar eclipse, you could be feeling more emotional than you're comfortable admitting. If this weren't enough reason to lay low, the sun will also face off with Saturn, so steer away from power struggles and ego trips.

Dating: Today is all about how things are going between you and your people, especially with your sweetie, if you have one. All of your energy will be projected toward the people you care about most.


Leo, there can be security in atypical professional pursuits and arrangements. As the sun in Taurus meets Saturn in Aquarius in a terse square, you could feel unsure of what to do with your professional commitments. Ideally, your relationships and obligations should stabilize your career. But you may need to make necessary adjustments to feel professionally secure. Luckily, doing so can be mediated by the sun’s sextile with Neptune in Pisces, as you may feel more hopeful about investing in certain pursuits even if the arrangement is a little unconventional. 

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