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Sunday - October 02, 2022


The world should feel crisper and richer when you awaken today, sweet Lion, as Mercury ends its retrograde motion through your solar second house. These vibes will also ask you to address any monetary issues you've been struggling with, as the stars align to help you get back on track with your finances. Fantasies around personal transformation should be taken more seriously as the Capricorn moon connects with Venus and Jupiter this morning, making it important that you implement healthy habits that will allow you to reach any goals you've set, even if it’s through baby steps. 


Today could feel like you’ve awoken after a horrible night’s sleep, Leo. You’re groggy, can’t get moving, and don’t even know which clothes to throw on! No matter how much coffee or caffeine you force down your throat, nothing will seem to do the trick. This is because mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger and the planet of the mind and communication, has frozen in the heavens above. While this is a good thing that he is no longer moving backward, it can also be a very confusing energy to navigate. This is known as the Mercury retrograde storm period.

Dating: Your pride makes you an easy target today, so scale it down a few notches! Of course, nobody gets hurt in the end, so maybe it's just as well you're seen taking things gracefully.


It is time to collect your bearings, Leo! Mercury retrograde has been chaotic as it could have affected your communication, immediate work community, commute, security, comfort, and money. Now that Mercury is stationing direct in Virgo today, you are going to feel surprisingly less stressed. Try to pick yourself up, as direct Mercury can help you feel more mentally aware and less mentally stressed. You may want to start this post-shadow period by focusing on your comfort, security, and finances. Consider talking to a financial advisor or researching ways to devise a strategy that makes you feel financially confident.

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