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Sunday - February 25, 2024


You'll be in a serious mood as the Virgo full moon rises, dear Archer, conjuring themes around control, success, and hard work. Just remember that it's equally important to take care of yourself, recognizing the benefits of wellness as you strive to achieve more. Consider organizing your home this afternoon when Luna and Saturn face off, purging any unused items taking up space. Show your body some extra love when Jupiter stirs midafternoon, appreciating its role in carrying you through this world. Discussions around collaboration find you this evening when Venus and Jupiter align, though you should make sure everyone is up to the task at hand before initiating new projects.


A mighty full moon arrives today and will give you a chance to shift some of your life patterns for the six months to come, Sagittarius. However, with this lunation spotlighting your solar tenth house of achievement, it’s likely to take away your attention from your personal and romantic life at this time. New projects, jobs, or promotions may present themselves, and this could help you to reach higher in your ambitions. Or you may be changing direction around these areas of interest. Yet, be sure to include your sweetheart in your strategies and vision, as they can act like a sounding board as you look up to the sky and pray to see your name in lights.

Dating: Even if you have it all figured out, everyone else is still trying to decipher what's going on. The secret is written in a language only you understand. Be patient when translating it to others.


You have come so far, Sagittarius! These past six months have not been easy. You have worked tirelessly to advance in your career path to bring your manifestations to fruition. New job offers, promotions, recognition, accomplishments, and more may have surfaced during this six-month cycle. As this cycle concludes during today’s full moon in Virgo, you might feel incredibly happy with where you are at. You should think of this lunation as an opportunity to reflect on all that you have achieved in these past six months. Be proud of yourself!

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