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Saturday - September 26, 2020


If you're feeling moody and slow today, seek out the people who can balance that kind of energy. And conversely, if you're feeling rudderless and adrift, seek out the person who can ground you and give you a task or idea to focus on right now. Your life is your journey to take, but other people can help you find important signposts that will make the journey a lot more pleasant and rewarding! Seek out a yin to your yang today.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Everyone has their own business to attend to -- and that includes you, of course! It's a good day to pretend nobody else exists, or at least to stop worrying about what they really want.

Singles: Cool weather plus comfort food equals bliss! Indulge with your latest squeeze in a homemade feast to warm the soul. You never know. One thing could definitely lead to another.

Couples: Two might be a crowd today. Instead of the usual tandem activity, take some much-needed alone time. Treat yourself to something only you appreciate. Do something worthy of chatting about later.

Finance Horoscope

True, you need more than a band-aid, but that's all you have in your first aid kit. You have to make do with things mismatched on other levels, too. Be flexible. Use what's at your disposal without questioning why you don't have more.

Business Horoscope

You have quite the juggling act going on. Work, romance, friendship. How can you keep all the balls in the air? You're flirting with disaster, so pare down. At least for now.

Teen Horoscope

People are talking an awful lot, but they don't seem to be saying much -- at least nothing that can lead to action of any kind. You may find it easiest to let them yap while you do your thing.

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