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Wednesday - July 28, 2021


As a Sagittarius, you seek cosmic guidance from the optimistic, expansive planet Jupiter. Wednesday’s skies find Jupiter on the move, as it retrogrades out of soulful Pisces and slides backwards into logical Aquarius. Jupiter’s presence in Pisces has been helping you build a new sense of home, security, and family connections. Now, Jupiter’s return to Aquarius helps you share your voice and address your mental health until end of the year.


Have you lost faith in the possibilities, Sagittarius? This, of course, would be quite contradicting coming from a truth-seeker, but Luna's close proximity to the wounded healer, Chiron, will do the trick. This is especially true amidst its transit through your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, but it doesn't end there. Luna will be in harmony with the sun and Mercury—the ruler of your relationship sector—via your expansive ninth house of faith, adventure, and unknown territory. Connecting with someone who's at a distance from you? Perhaps you both have different belief systems or cultural backgrounds. Don't let this block your happiness.

Dating: Your smarts and sunny outlook will soon pay off in a big way. You just need to be ready to take a risk. You'll be changing, growing and improving so much that pretty soon you won't even recognize yourself.


In recent months, your ruler, Jupiter, took up residence briefly in your solar fourth house, Sagittarius. However, today, he will mosey on back into your solar third house of communications, where he can aid you professionally. Here, he will bring expansion to all of your business ideas, helping you learn complicated concepts and integrate a fresh perspective to your plans going forward. Also, if you are in the midst of any writing, speaking, advertising, or branding initiatives, they will soar especially well—likely reaching new audiences with your company and attracting more prosperity. 

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