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Wednesday - May 15, 2024


The stars offer spiritual reinforcements as the Leo moon aligns with the Nodes of Fate, dearest Archer, brightening your aura while illuminating untapped opportunities. Follow your intuition under these cosmic conditions, and be sure to ask for signs if you're unsure of what to do next. Pull back socially when Luna and Venus square off this evening, nudging you to invest in your sense of wellness with some self-care and healthy activities. Inspiration strikes later tonight when Chiron activities, moving you to follow your passions by getting creative. If you're looking for a more low-key way to end the day, consider tapping into your spirituality or meditation practice instead.


The universe is bringing a new energy for you to navigate, Sagittarius. While the luminaries—such as the sun and the moon—and the many planets in our solar system often bring the most notable and significant shifts in our lives, asteroids in the depths of space can bring us surprising insight, too. Ceres, an asteroid that holds dominion over self-care, self-respect, and self-love, is set to begin a long retrograde phase. This ensures that you will have a major opportunity to reflect on how these themes are playing a significant role in your life and routine. Face the truth honestly. Also, with Ceres in Capricorn, you can understand how you can achieve more strength in life and relationships by taking a disciplined and focused approach.

Dating: Your ability to tell people what they want to hear and what you need to say is sharper than ever, so start chatting right now. Your way with words can be pretty hit or miss, but today you're on point.


Try to stay grounded, Sagittarius. You might become frustrated if you cannot run away from your obligations at work when the moon in Leo squares Venus in Taurus. Part of you might be ready to throw the towel in. After all, leaving everything behind to go on an adventure is tempting! But the cosmic energy will encourage you to ground yourself as you get through your workday. You have what it takes to meet each task, individual, and hurdle head-on. See your obligations through instead of dropping everything and running away. 

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