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Sunday - October 02, 2022


The energy will begin to flow more easily within your professional life as Mercury ends its retrograde journey this morning, dear Archer, making it important that you meditate on ways in which you can elevate your occupational status. This change in the cosmic winds will also provide you with an opportunity to rebuild boundaries that may have deteriorated throughout the last few weeks, so be sure to draw lines where they're needed — even if it's with yourself. Luckily, the Capricorn moon will help you feel more stable and connected to the present, as long as you move at your own pace and find your gratitude. 


Today could be a great one for some relaxation, naps, and TLC, Sagittarius. This is because nothing at all will be moving forward. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, is frozen in a block of ice within the skies above. This period in the phase is known as the Mercury retrograde storm. Every time he changes direction, we experience this extremely disorienting energy. Don’t stress yourself out about it, but certainly don’t try to have any meaningful conversations with a lover, partner, or crush. They may not hear you correctly or process it productively.

Dating: Today is all about openness, so pay attention to new ideas, new people, and new perspectives. You may find that people are a little harder to deal with than usual, but you can manage.


The chaos is coming to an end, Sagittarius. Even though you are a jubilant fire sign, you may have had difficulty maintaining a cheery outlook while Mercury retrograde caused problem after problem over the last few weeks. Luckily, your positivity will resume full-throttle when Mercury stations direct in Virgo today. You might feel more secure and less critical of your career path over the next few days. If any issues from Mercury retrograde have impacted your accomplishments or reputation, then use direct Mercury to address and correct such issues.

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