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Thursday - September 14, 2023


Your day will get off to a busy yet easy start, dear Taurus, as the Libra moon continues its journey through your solar sixth house. These vibes are also perfect for prioritizing your physical needs, so be sure to nurture your health as you hop from task to task. Watch out for miscommunications this afternoon when Luna forms an unbalanced aspect to Mercury. You may want to take a beat before speaking your mind. Don't feel guilty about hiding away later tonight as Chiron becomes active overhead, encouraging you to go deep within your psyche while embracing self-reflection. 


Feel today’s sparkle in your spirit and bones, Taurus. You have a very special and beautiful rapport with our great luminary, the moon. This is because she is exalted in your zodiac sign and encourages you to pursue sweet pleasure and connection. Today, she will visit another Venusian-ruled zodiac sign, Libra, which will encourage you to find peace within the chaos of life. While you'll likely be busy on the job since she's highlighting your solar sixth house of productivity, you'll likely have the opportunity to have a relaxing and sweet night at home with your family and significant other. Make a delightful meal and tune into your favorite show or series.

Dating: Slow down and keep yourself honest. There's no need to take any emotional risks today. In fact, you are so much better off playing it safe that you almost should stay home.


It could be time to let go of any past wounds, Taurus. You may struggle to let go of grudges or upsets, especially if it has impacted your work life. But it might be time to address how you feel once and for all as the moon in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries. Instead of harboring lingering frustration and aggravation, the opposition can encourage you to find peace. It might be time to let go of the past to let the dust settle, especially if you need to shift your focus to feel more secure and stable with work.

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