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Wednesday - November 25, 2020


Avoid anything that even remotely looks like a power struggle today. There are some big egos in the fight, and some of them like to play dirty. If you get involved in any of the mudslinging, even if you jump in just to quiet it down, you'll get covered in dirt yourself. Your ability to play peacemaker is strong, but you don't have to employ it every time you see two or more people clashing. Consider what is best for you. Let them argue things out and find their own solution.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You and your people are all wound up over some legal or political thing -- but you might be able to change it if you work together. Your righteous energy isn't all you need, but it is vital.

Singles: Someone comes along who challenges your beliefs, and almost certainly infuriates you. And they may also be infuriatingly attractive! They might also think you're extra cute when you're so stubborn!

Couples: Rock steady. That's how you are, and you're extra good at providing balance and ballast for your partner now. You're also extra good at making plans for the two of you, so look ahead.

Finance Horoscope

If it's not a good time, you're not there. Don't do anything that saps your energy or your enthusiasm for life. If others aren't on the same page, then spend the day by yourself.

Business Horoscope

If you use stress as a source of creative energy, it's time to lay off the gas pedal. Things could be reaching the critical point. The next speed bump you fly over could break you.

Teen Horoscope

It's way too easy for you to come across as pompous or full of yourself today, and that's no good. Try to affect an air of humility and see how that works -- it might be the best way to keep the peace!

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