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Sunday - June 26, 2022


Take some time to plan for your financial future today, dear Taurus, as the moon moves through Gemini and the sector of your chart that governs money. Luckily, a helpful connection between Luna and auspicious Jupiter could reveal assets you weren't aware you had, helping you feel more secure within your monetary situation. These vibes could also manifest new opportunities, though you'll need to follow through on any blessings that fall into your path. Good vibes will continue to flow when Mars shares a supportive connection to responsible Saturn, helping you feel confident within your professional path, even if you're still growing your career. 


If you're not splurging at the mall or for yourself online, then consider this an opportunity to do so, Taurus. For the record, this doesn't always have to involve money. In fact, spending time with your significant other or something as simple as basking in your sensual pleasures is more than enough. Others of you may opt for a more serious route, such as discussing finances and investments with your significant other — unless you choose to reflect on whether romantic prospects are worthy of your time, energy, and love. Keep in mind that Luna's harmonious sextile to Jupiter can bring forth significant insight, so pay attention.

Dating: Some big ideas have been chasing you down and it looks as if they've finally caught up. Enjoy your busy brain's latest creative download and make the most of all the new discoveries.


Money matters could take off today, Taurus. As the restless moon in Gemini encourages you to consider all sorts of avenues or possibilities with your finances, you may find that luck is on your side since the moon conjuncts Venus and sextiles Jupiter in Aries. With the two benefits enforcing the duality of Gemini, you could even go forward with a few different yet financially sustainable ideas. Venus implies financial abundance coming from various directions that are being continually expanded upon by enthusiastic Jupiter. Take the leap of faith with your ideas since they may pay off!

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