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Thursday - October 21, 2021


Let your introverted twin take center stage today, Gemini. You need some quiet downtime to sort through all of the potent emotions coming to the surface today. Thursday’s cosmic landscape features a variety of hard encounters, particularly emanating from the square between self-directed Mars and truth-revealing Pluto. Aim to clear the air when it comes to unspoken relationship tensions.


Gemini, you're being intuitively guided to take action. For instance, the moon continues to glimmer through your secretive twelfth house of closure, dreams, and all things behind the scenes, but it will eventually collide with rebellious Uranus. Single or already taken, this could bring forth a significant amount of insight, especially for those of you working with your third eye chakra. Dream journaling? Be present and pay attention. A square between Mars in your romantic fifth house of love and smoldering Pluto via your sultry eighth house of intimate unions creates tension between your romantic desires and the foundation of a significant partnership.

Dating: Keep the chitchat to a minimum and maximize the number of checked-off checkmarks on your to-do list today. Everybody wants a piece of the action, and you'll be lucky to fend off the competition.


Serious or social, Gemini? Since Mars squares Pluto today, your workday could be a weird flux of work and play. Mars is all about socializing and making connections on and offline. You may feel extra chatty or excited about a potential passion project. But Pluto is more serious, more focused on radically transforming your current professional ventures to be worth your time. You may have difficulties staying on task while meeting your social butterfly needs. You must find a way to have the best of both worlds at work today.

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