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Wednesday - May 15, 2024


People will hear what you have to say this morning, dearest Gemini, thanks to a supportive exchange between the Leo moon and Nodes of Fate. This cosmic climate could also trigger life-altering conversations, so don't hesitate to collaborate, brainstorm, and share your thoughts. However, it may be best to keep some information under wraps when Venus becomes agitated this evening, threatening to trigger relationship issues. You should also be mindful of how you communicate with yourself, taking care to keep a positive internal dialogue. Give your mind something fun to zone out with later tonight when Chiron activates.


In the heavens above, there are many important celestial objects and transits to behold, Gemini. Each brings new meaning and insight into ourselves, other people, and our lives. Ceres, an asteroid in the depths of space, is known to rule nourishment, self-love, and self-care. She is ready to station into a long retrograde phase, which ensures we’ll have an opportunity to assess how we are building our lives. As she retreads the mountaintops of Capricorn, we can take a microscope to understand how we are taking a disciplined and focused approach to building our connections. We can use this period to assess a better way forward.

Dating: You're focused on one person, maybe a friend, maybe a crush, almost to the point of obsession. Your good energy keeps it from getting weird, and it might help you out in a big way.


An excitable conversation may arise, Gemini. There is so much to say when the moon in Leo trines Mars in Aries. You may feel more inclined to be social with your coworkers and with your connections online. Since there are so many individuals that you could talk to, you should think about who deserves your time and energy. After all, you do not want to become socially burnt out after networking. Be mindful of who you want to speak with and what the purpose of the conversation may be. Using your energy correctly can lead to a productive networking session.

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