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Sunday - October 02, 2022


Things will begin to run much more smoothly within your house and heart today, dear Gemini, as Mercury concludes its third retrograde of the year. Meanwhile, the moon begins its journey through Capricorn while forming a harsh t-square in the sky, which could drum up drama within your social circle. A connection between the Libra sun and Luna later in the afternoon could have you rethinking some of your friendships, especially if you're mixed up with anyone who is prone to backhanded compliments or looks for ways to diminish your successes through snarky comments or passive-aggressive behaviors. 


Today could be much like you’re hanging on a rope fifty feet above the ground and your palms are getting sweaty, Gemini. As you dangle there, uncertain, you can feel yourself starting to slip down the rope back down with gravity. This is because mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger and your planetary ruler, has finished his backward slide after many weeks of moonwalking. This period—known as the Mercury retrograde storm—is when he suddenly shifts direction to proceed forward in a normal phase again. Don’t stress. Don’t overthink. Just breathe. You’ll feel like your grip is stronger soon enough!

Dating: You have quite a few hot features, but your big brain is the hottest! You should spout off a few new ideas when you're dealing with that one cutie. Something should click really soon.


Time to stabilize, Gemini. Even though you tend to do well in an ever-changing situation, that does not mean that these past few weeks have been easy to adjust to while Mercury was stationed retrograde. Luckily, you might feel a little more steady as Mercury stations direct in Virgo today. Now direct, Mercury in Virgo can help you feel a bit more sturdy while remaining flexible, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to your work-life balance. Figure out what kind of habits or routines need to be incorporated to ensure that your work-life balance is productive yet flexible.

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