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Wednesday - July 28, 2021


Things are changing in an undeniable way in your world, Gemini. You’ve been fearlessly embarking on new career terrain and working to enhance your reputation. That story begins to take a small shift today, as growth-giving Jupiter retrogrades from spiritual Pisces back into scientific Aquarius. This shift focuses your energy on enhancing travel and other self-expansive opportunities now through the rest of the year. 


Virtually compatible, Gemini? The moon will meet with the wounded healer, Chiron, in Aries today. This is shaking up your eleventh house of associations, aspirations, hopes, wishes, and dreams and shedding light on everything from your sense of belonging in the world to your social media game. And with Mars sizzling through your curious third house of communication, there's no denying the facts: You're overthinking the value of your connections and perhaps feeling more vulnerable than you're comfortable admitting. Luna will also be in harmony with Saturn via your expansive ninth house of adventure which, in turn, challenges you to venture into the unknown. 

Dating: You could be mean to people who don't share your opinion, but that's no way to get things done -- or make friends. Have fun with the intellectual banter, but be careful not to take it too far.


For the last few months, benevolent Jupiter has spun within the early degrees of your solar tenth house of achievements, Gemini. Don’t worry—you will have his radiance and power here once again, but not until 2022. Throughout next year, you’ll continue what you’ve started and soar above all other zodiac signs. However, with Jupiter now visiting your solar ninth house of expansion, you may continue progress on an academic, media, publishing, or international matter regarding your professional life. Above all, consider where you are now and where you’d still like to go. You are being groomed for glory.

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