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Sunday - May 15, 2022


Get ready for a rocky day, dear Gemini, as the Scorpio moon builds up energy until the full moon eclipse later this evening. These vibes could leave you feeling uptight and intense about the road ahead, especially if you feel a little bit lost on your path. Though knowing where you're headed can definitely provide a sense of comfort, try not to beat yourself up if you don't have everything figured out just yet. Luckily, a sweet connection between the sun, moon, and Neptune will give you an opportunity to fantasize about the future, though you'll want to make sure you're taking a logical approach toward actualizing these dreams.


Take some much-needed time for yourself, Gemini. This break is well-deserved, especially with the sun glimmering through your sleepy twelfth house of closure, dreams, and all things behind the scenes, but there's more. Luscious Venus will join forces with the wounded healer, Chiron, today — via your eleventh house of associations, community affairs, and individual freedom — which could, in turn, challenge the dynamic of your relationships. Given that this area of your chart tends to be more casual, chances are this wake-up call has something to do with your sense of freedom or lack thereof. The moon will also be in Scorpio, preparing for tomorrow's lunar eclipse. Take it easy.

Dating: You are feeling all fired up and ready for some serious action. It's a good time to skip out of your responsibilities (temporarily, of course) and head out into the world to see what you can stir up.


Do not feed into any mental tension, Gemini. You may feel subconsciously stressed when the sun in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius. Considering the long-term trajectory of your professional journey could be difficult, especially if you are looking into unique opportunities to sustain your professional development. But your subconscious strain can be mediated, as the sun also sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Although Neptune can be elusive, it can also be insanely hopeful, especially when dreaming about your career path. Keep your chin up. You will get to where you want to be in your profession!

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