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Thursday - September 14, 2023


The sun enters Aquarius and your solar ninth house this morning, dear Gemini, kicking off the most spiritual time of the year for you. Your intuition and manifestation skills will benefit from a cosmic boost throughout the next several weeks, though you'll need to work for the blessings you request. A-ha moments may creep into your psyche later this evening when the Capricorn moon shares a sweet exchange with Uranus, marking the perfect occasion to embrace solitude and quiet meditation. A dreamy energy will permeate the air as the day comes to a close, giving you permission to set boundaries and escape into a world of your own making. 


One of your favorite zodiac seasons of the entire year is upon you, Gemini. As the sun soars through the sky, he will dance into a fellow air sign, gifting you so much energy and excitement. This means that the sun is trine to your zodiac sign and will infuse you with opportunities for expansion and growth as you more easily move toward your personal goals. This is a great time to step outside of your comfort zone and look at your love life from a fresh perspective, as well as meet fascinating, exotic, and unique new people. Put yourself out there! The universe is smiling upon you!

Dating: Listen to your heart and figure out what you really believe about that big new issue that everyone is talking about. This isn't one of those things you can just blow off, so try taking a stand!


Pick a path, Gemini. It might be time to focus on the trajectory of your professional journey when the sun enters Aquarius today. Moving forward will become your top priority since Aquarius season is the time for you to be professionally progressive. You might have some educational or travel opportunities that could define your professional journey. It might be time to focus on honing a niche path, finding a unique mentorship, or even traveling for work. No matter what, find that path that will feel most authentic to you so that you can remain committed to your professional journey.

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