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Sunday - May 15, 2022


You could wake up unexpectedly to unpleasant surprises today, dear Aries, thanks to a harsh opposition between the Scorpio moon and unpredictable Uranus. The energy will continue to hang thickly in the air as Luna gears up for the full moon eclipse this evening, which is sure to bring swift changes to your path. Unfortunately, the rocky nature of this lunar event could bring a bit of destruction to your life, though it'll be important that you try not to hold onto any people or situations that the universe attempts to push from your sphere, as better things are sure to take their place.


Aries, if you're feeling unsure about your next steps, don't fret. Today isn't necessarily the best day for romance, as Venus will conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, in your sign. Granted, this could sound a lot worse than what it actually is. But if you find yourself dwelling over a past relationship or perhaps struggling to meet your special someone halfway, there’s no need to apply more pressure to the situation. Tensions are always rising with tomorrow's total lunar eclipse, so tread lightly and be gentle with yourself. Additionally, emotions are running high, and the moon's in contact with your celestial ruler, Mars. Don't be afraid to feel your feelings.

Dating: You will be totally wrapped up in whatever you find in front of you today, so make sure it's cute or at least interesting. It may take a while to react when friends call, but that's nothing to worry about.


Keep your hope alive, Aries. The initial square between the sun in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius can add a stressful undertone to your day. You may feel at odds about the value and security of your professional aspirations, networking opportunities, and connections. Neither the sun nor Saturn wants to budge, but they can come together in compromise. You may have to find comfort in your unconventional bonds and dreams so that you can move forward in your career. Luckily, the square is mediated by the sextile between the sun and Neptune, which encourages a positive outlook.

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