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Wednesday - May 15, 2024


Passions ignite, and love flows freely this morning, dearest Ram, thanks to a supportive stream of energy between the Leo moon and Nodes of Fate. This cosmic climate is all about taking charge of destiny and leaning into passions, talents, and companionships that lift you up. Keep your wallet closed this evening when Luna squares off with Venus, tempting you to splurge. Instead of looking for opportunities to spend, consider how grounding in the present and finding your gratitude can bring comfort. Find a creative outlet to work with later tonight when Chiron stirs, offering healing through art.


Asteroids and the many celestial objects all hold different dominions over our lives, Aries. Ceres, an asteroid named after the Roman goddess of agriculture and harvest, has a special place in astrology as she reveals how we engage with self-care and self-love. As of now, she will enter into a retrograde phase, encouraging us to turn within and understand these kinds of themes in our lives. As she retreads the fields of Capricorn, we must understand our sacred rituals and sense of balance. We must be more disciplined, focused, and practical about them. If we are not taking care of ourselves, we may now face hard truths about how we must begin to do so going forward. Remember: Even our relationships must nourish us.

Dating: It's a good time to work together with someone you really like. You can pour on the charm today and get exactly what you want. There's no need for any serious strategizing!


Be a creative force of nature, Aries. Your inspiration will be in overdrive when the moon in Leo trines Mars in your sign. The fiery energy will catapult you into a creative headspace while you are at work today. You may feel more imaginative and inspired than ever before. Anything could be a catalyst, from talking to your coworkers to listening to music. Since you will feel strongly about a passion project, you should set aside time to focus on it. Do not let this creative energy go to waste!

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