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Tuesday - January 26, 2021


Your forays into business are going to be an adventure, to say the least. Keep in mind that it takes time for any new venture to take off and flourish. Any possessions you're trying to sell are moving slowly, and it's going to take some better advertising to move things along. Get your creativity involved and you'll see some impressive results soon. Your entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring people around you, so it's important to show them you can make it.


Flirt: You're all set to take care of some old business that has been untouched for too long. It's way easier than you think, and you should get a rush of energy toward the end of the day that feels just right.

Singles: If you're interested in someone but don't know what makes them tick, or ticked off, you need to channel your inner detective and find out all you can about their passions and obsessions.

Couples: Perhaps things have been more friendly than passionate lately between you and your beloved. That's fine. These things go in waves. It doesn't mean your love is diminished. It means that it's taking a different form.


You're so busy thinking about your reputation that you've become myopic about it. Money isn't the only thing people will think of when they suss you out. How you got it matters more to those who should matter to you.


Your diplomacy is still in full effect. Be as forceful as ever, but couch it in a soft touch. Don't hesitate to serve a steaming plate of aggressiveness as long as you complement it with a heaping side dish of tact.


You and your big heart are going through some pretty weird stuff right now, and you might feel things a lot more intensely -- but that's not a bad thing. In fact, it might help you achieve a new clarity.

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