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Thursday - September 14, 2023


The sun enters Leo and your solar fifth house this morning, dear Aries, blessing you with elevated confidence and a creative edge as the workweek begins. Meanwhile, Venus retrograde shares a supportive connection with Chiron, helping you step into leadership roles while taking the initiative for the life you truly deserve. These vibes can also help you overcome insecurities that have held you back, though you'll need to show yourself some extra grace with positive mantras and internal ego boosts. Be mindful of your boundaries when Luna and Saturn form an unbalanced connection this afternoon, threatening your sense of self-awareness.


Highly volatile energy will echo over the coming days but will begin to already be felt today, Aries. This is because the mighty sun, our greatest luminary, will begin approaching a sharp clash with electric Uranus. The sun is currently housed in your solar fifth house of true love, romance, and children and is charging into war with our Great Awakener spinning in your solar second house of finances. This will likely bring a sudden expense to you and your partner, especially if you have children. You could also get into a fight with your one-and-only around money management.

Dating: You don't mind a challenge, and today brings a sweet one, maybe at work, maybe romantic. You might not want to attack it head-on, though, so get to it in a roundabout way.


Healing yourself does take time, Aries. Being who you are in the workplace might be challenging, especially if your authenticity or self-expression is not always welcomed. However, you may have a chance to try again today when Venus retrograde in Leo trines Chiron retrograde in your zodiac sign. The fiery trine will encourage you to be upfront about your professional personality, especially since your talents are worth celebrating. Trying again could involve letting go of the past or taking a second chance on something you have already tried. Believe in yourself!

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