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Sunday - October 02, 2022


Mercury ends its retrograde motion in the very early hours this morning, darling Aries, giving you an opportunity to clean up any messes it may have brought on. Meanwhile, the moon will begin its journey through Capricorn, putting you in a stoic mood as you awaken from your slumber. Unfortunately, a harsh t-square between Luna, Venus, and Mercury could spoil your Sunday, causing you to fixate on the responsibilities that linger in the upcoming workweek when you should be focused on recharging your batteries and having fun. Luckily, you'll have a chance to shake off this funk before the day comes to a close and the moon shares sweet aspects with the nodes of fate. 


Prepare for a bit of chaos today, Aries. As our cosmic messenger, mental Mercury, slows to a halt, we enter a period known as the retrograde storm. This will send smokescreens up in the air around you, consuming you and all who you meet in confusion. You will not know which way is up, down, left, right, forward, or back! Mercury retrograde storm periods are always on the day when he switches directions—so we have them at the onset and end of every single moonwalking phase. Lie low. Don’t make fast reactions or decisions.

Dating: You're seven steps ahead of your love rivals, so you should be able to come out even further ahead if you keep on pushing! It's a good time to make decisions and start in new directions.


Time to relax, Aries. The last few weeks may have been crazy, with one thing after another popping up at work thanks to Mercury retrograde. Luckily, this retrograde comes to an end today as Mercury finally stations direct in Virgo. Now direct, you have plenty of time to reconsider what has come up. How do you feel about your work schedule and routine? Do you think you are your most productive right now? Are there any habits you can nip in the bud or incorporate more into your work-life? Start revising to move forward on a better foot.

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