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Saturday - April 10, 2021


Everything is not what it seems under Friday’s skies, Aries. Your ruling planet, self-driven Mars, finds itself floating out to sea with reality-dissolving Neptune. This pairing is likely to significantly lower your energy levels and make you susceptible to confused, fantasy-driven actions. The sleepy Pisces moon’s union with Neptune only intensifies the fog, so you’d be best to hang back and refrain from making any major decisions.


Go with the flow, Aries. Your ability to surrender the need for control will be highlighted today—as the moon in Pisces will sextile powerhouse Pluto—so if you've been fixated on a particular person and/or relationship, take a second to re-evaluate where your emotional intensity is stemming from. Keep in mind, Luna will also clash with your hot-headed ruler, Mars, amidst its journey through your communication sector, so your approach could seem rather harsh at first. Psychic vampires and individuals who drain your energy are likely during this time as well, considering the moon's conjunction with dreamy Neptune. Tread lightly.

Dating: Your amazing energy makes life much easier now, and you should find that you have the strength to take care of almost anything. Friends in need certainly come closer to you!


It would be wise to navigate your workplace carefully and be mindful of what you say, Aries. What seems like a good idea can come out the wrong way—thanks to the planetary energies of today. Take your time and reflect before speaking. This communication breakdown is occurring due to your ruling planet, Mars, in the sign of communication, Gemini, in your third house of communication. Mars is challenged by its tense aspect with confusing Neptune in Pisces in your subconscious mind.

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