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Saturday - October 23, 2021


You’ve been totally immersed in the world of partnership, Aries. Single or taken, it’s been critical that you re-evaluate your emotional experience of building bonds as you closely examine the give and take you have with others. Friday’s skies see the sun dancing forward into intimacy-driven Scorpio, beckoning you on inward to uncover a more emotionally raw and vulnerable approach to sex, sensuality, and commitment.


Talk that talk, Aries. You may or may not be challenged to embrace your vulnerability today, so steer away from the mixed signals. After all, you're more likely to see results when you're crystal clear. In the meantime, Luna will make its monthly debut in curious Gemini today, igniting your chit-chatty third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate surroundings. Are you communicating via text or relaying the message to a friend? The moon's trine to serious Saturn via your freedom-loving eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world creates a sweet synergy between your curiosities and the series of options being presented to you.

Dating: Don't let a warped body image drag you down into a funk. You just need a plan that includes a healthy diet and reasonable fitness goals. So forget those delusions of marathon workouts and start small. Find a buddy to make it fun.


Welcome to Scorpio season, Aries! Think about all the partnerships and contracts you may have made throughout Libra season. These could be new or ongoing commitments that have impacted your professional development. If you want to take any of these aspects to the next level to further your career, Scorpio season is now the time to do it. Starting today, think about which commitment is worth your time, energy, and money. Now is the time to think about what is worth a serious investment into the future of your career path.

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