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Tuesday - October 04, 2022


The moon skips into quirky Aquarius this morning, dear Aries, inspiring you to bring a little bit of weird into your day. These vibes are perfect for embracing all the eccentricities that shape your unique personality, especially as Luna blows a kiss to auspicious Jupiter, bringing luck where there is authenticity. A romantic energy will permeate the air as Luna blows a kiss to Venus later in the afternoon, though intellectual conversation will be the key to unlocking your beloved's heart. Look for ways to elevate your ego and those of the people around you before the day comes to a close and the sun and moon connect in our sky.


Our cosmic messenger planet, mental Mercury, is now awake within the sky, Aries. As he transits your solar sixth house of productivity, you’ll begin to feel the pace of life creeping forward. Now is the period to analyze your work-life balance and how you are making passion, pleasure, and romance a top priority. You still have some time to figure things out as Mercury begins to retrace his pathways in the heavens above. Assess your calendar and talk with your partner about ways you can keep the two of you on the top of your list.

Dating: Things are swinging in the right direction today, and you can't help but feel that justice is being served. That may nor may not feel all that great, for various reasons, but you can tell it's time to slow down.


Get weird, Aries. Shine like the unique individual that you are in your line of work when the moon enters funky Aquarius today! Yes, be professional and be mindful of how to act in a professional setting. But do not let the parameters of your job limit your ability to be genuine, authentic, and unique. The individualistic moon invites you to spread your wings and fly. Time to put a special touch on your professional platforms to stand out, and link up with like-minded individuals who support your unconventional flair. Have fun with this lunation!

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