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Friday - May 17, 2024


Focus on what needs handling now so you can enjoy the impending weekend, dearest Aries, as the moon continues its journey through efficient Virgo. Unfortunately, a harsh square between Mercury and Pluto could bring forth tempting distractions, and it may be wise to keep tabs on your screen time and procrastination levels. You may feel slightly off your game later today when Luna and Mars form an unbalanced aspect, and frustrations could emerge if you feel colleagues are demanding too much of your attention. Do your best to destress by connecting with your own needs later tonight when the North Node activates.


Breathe through the headaches that will invariably take place today and tomorrow, Aries. As mental Mercury propels through your solar second house of income and wealth, he will clash with powerhouse Pluto orbiting within your solar eleventh house of friendships. Tense disagreements could emerge now about an ex, hookup, or situation from the past—especially if money was involved. One party—whether it’s you or them—may feel slighted and traumatized by the experience. Do your best to try to remain grounded, balanced, and centered rather than battered by the storm. This, too, shall pass.

Dating: It's all about your friends now. Put away your own business for the moment and figure out how you can help your people. Crank up the charm and they will come to your aid down the road.


What are you drawn to, Aries? As of right now, you might be more financially mindful since several planets in the sky are in Taurus. The Taurus stellium will encourage you to be more proactive and logical about your financial matters. You might come up with new ideas on how to save or make money, which could lead to increased prosperity. There might be more buzz around an opportunity, so do not be afraid to put yourself out there. And be open-minded because an opportunity to make more money may arise when you least expect it!

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