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Friday - March 08, 2024


Mercury and Neptune hold hands in the sky, dear Aries, bringing you to a dreamy and introspective state. Use this energy to find clarity within your dreams, allowing creative whims to reveal untapped potential. Look for the good in humanity when the Aquarius moon cozies up with Venus, spreading love through random acts of kindness and generosity of spirit toward those you encounter. Give yourself plenty of breathing room as evening closes in and the moon enters Pisces, activating the sector of your chart that governs privacy. This energy can also provide release when you invite grace to the depths of your psyche.


Prepare for an especially soft, sensitive, and sweet period, Aries. water sign energy will be radiating from the cosmos, bringing compassion and tenderness to your heart. While you could feel more emotional, this should likely be a more positive and lovely experience rather than feeling down on yourself or the world. Mental Mercury will unite in a conjunction with Neptune. This will encourage you to spend time immersing yourself in art, creativity, or beauty with your sweetheart. If single, try meeting someone for a candlelit dinner or a bonfire beneath the stars. 

Dating: An adventurous streak is bubbling up. You feel great, and you're ready to try something new. It might take a while to find it, but when you do, you'll wonder how you managed to avoid it this long.


What will you pick up on at work today, Aries? Your intuition might be on high alert since Mercury in Pisces will conjunct Neptune in Pisces. The conjunction will have a subliminal effect on your workday, so you might have to pay attention to what your inner voice is saying. As you go through your workday, you might notice more between your coworkers. How they act to each other, and you may speak volumes. Do not be surprised if you find yourself reading between the lines throughout this conjunction.

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