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Monday - July 26, 2021


Be mindful of any words being exchanged on the home and family front today, Aries. Unspoken feelings are likely to emerge, as messenger Mercury duels with truth-revealing Pluto. Use this energy to clear the air but be mindful of being too sharp-tongued. Luna’s opposition with hot-headed Mars only inflames matters and increases your need for a physical outlet (ideally a sexual or creative one)!


Explore your horizons before you settle, Aries. Luna continues to glimmer through eccentric Aquarius via your socially driven eleventh house of associations, friendship groups, and sense of belonging in the world—shedding light on everything from potential admirers that exist within your extended network to your individual freedom. Keep things friendly for now? Luna's tricky opposition to your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, could create tension between your desires for affection and the need for freedom. Keep in mind, Mercury will also be at odds with powerhouse Pluto which, in turn, intensifies the atmosphere. On another note, things that were hidden from you are now being brought to your attention.

Dating: Get in touch with people you haven't seen or heard from in a while. One of them is waiting for you and has big news -- maybe involving a change of venue.


You may face obstacles yet again today, Aries. Speedy Mercury, racing forward within the sky, will be under siege from dramatic Pluto, stationed in your solar tenth house of achievements. This will create a battle of ideas, possibly putting you in crossfire with a boss, VIP, or competitor. There may be a build-up of mental energy, erupting in fiery debates or arguments. However, a positive use of this energy could provoke you to hone in on business research and uncover cracks in your plans. Investigate other approaches that could fix any strategies that haven’t been as successful in implementation as you would have liked.

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