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Tuesday - May 17, 2022


If you can get away with working from home today, you should, dear Sea-Goat, as the Sagittarius moon shares sweet connections with Chiron and Venus. These vibes will encourage you to take some quiet time away from others so that you can sort through your thoughts and feelings in private. Later tonight, Luna forms a supportive aspect to Saturn, your ruling planet, though a harsh square to Mars and Neptune could spoil these good vibes if you're not careful. This cosmic climate would best be spent alone,  but be sure to spend this time well, embracing luxury and pampering yourself without guilt.


Single, crushing, or already romantically attached, chances are you're not seeing things very clearly at the moment, as Mars is sitting alongside elusive Neptune in Pisces via your third house of communication, thought process, and immediate surroundings. Having said that, if you're restless, overwhelmed, or confused about your feelings for a significant other, don't be discouraged. Not everything is as it seems, but you are more prone to fantasy, escapism, and illusions during this time. The same goes for those of you trying to relay a specific message. So, in addition to Mercury retrograde, Mars-Neptune didn't come to play. Make sure you're being crystal clear, Capricorn.

Dating: You have to get down with your people today, no matter what it takes. Your social energy is absolutely unstoppable, and you will be at your best when surrounded by the folks you like best.


Let go of the residing eclipse energy and embrace the moon’s ingress into bright Sagittarius! Capricorn, the lunar energy is glowing with positivity, encouraging you to have an unusually hopeful outlook on your professional life and matters. Usually, you are a stoic, serious sign who plans for and expects the worst. But the moon in Sagittarius can fuel your inner fire as it turns your attention to a much more hopeful approach at work. Do not let anyone or anything get you down throughout your workday. Instead, embrace this happy-go-lucky momentum!

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