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Friday - May 17, 2024


Keep an open perspective as the moon continues its journey through Virgo, dearest Capricorn, asking you to expand your horizons through the power of observation and journeys of mind. You may also notice strange patterns or synchronicities, which could be an indication that the universe is attempting to guide you. If there are any areas of your life that seem cloudy, consider meditating while asking the stars to provide clarity. You'll feel called to the comforts of home when Luna and Mars align later today, though needy housemates or family members could cause you to feel depleted.


Rocky waves will roll through the heavens today and tomorrow, Capricorn. As mental Mercury races through your solar fifth house of true love, he’ll clash in a square with Pluto, now orbiting in your solar second house of income. This is not a period to lend money to anyone—regardless if it’s a lover, crush, friend, or ex. You are likely to be left high and dry. However, you could instead be in a vast dispute in your personal life about previous money, resources, or possessions that had been offered in the past. This will bring a surge of tension, so do your best to hide before it rears up and attacks.

Dating: It's a good time for first dates or making contacts, anything where you start the ball rolling. Maybe it's time to check out that dating app you've been wondering about.


Follow your passions and see where they lead, Capricorn. Usually, you are a serious earth sign who typically prefers something tried and true at work. But you might be impartial to pursuing a more enjoyable, creative path thanks to the Taurus stellium. You might be more confident about pursuing a talent, hobby, or idea in your work life with several planets in Taurus. Plus, this process is likely stable and grounded thanks to the Taurus energy. Use this cosmic energy to see where a creative venture could go since it might be worthwhile to pursue! 

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