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Saturday - September 16, 2023


Good vibes will bless your love life today, dear Leo, as Venus and Saturn join forces in the sector of your chart that governs matters of the heart. Use this energy to meditate on what you really want in a partner, placing a special emphasis on what contributes to your sense of security and your views on fighting for success. Tension may fill the air midmorning as the Aquarius moon squares off with rebellious Uranus, and you may feel as though someone else is trying to block your personal growth. Luckily, you'll have a chance to reclaim harmony as the day continues to unfold, though you may need to focus on self-care.


Rocky roads lie ahead today, Leo. It could be the make-or-break point in 2023! You are at a crossroads in your personal and romantic relationships, especially with sweet Venus, our Lesser Benefic and the planetary ruler of attraction, beauty, and love, clashing in an exact conjunction with scathing Saturn, the Great Taskmaster and planetary ruler of hardship and karma. Both are spinning in your solar seventh house of partnerships. Challenging discussions about commitments and promises are being written in the stars. Do your best to take a step back to clear your head.

Dating: You may become a bit irritated with a friend or coworker, but don't let it fester. Say what's on your mind, stay calm, and try not to escalate. Things could get really weird otherwise.


Be confident with where you are heading in your career path, Leo. Your plans and ideas are beginning to pay off as Mercury in Capricorn trines the North Node in Taurus. If you have something that you want to instill in your professional fate, then today is the time to bring it up! Given that Venus in Aquarius will also conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, you may feel more attuned to unique, long-term professional commitments and working relationships. Make sure each arrangement allows you the freedom you need to create your ideal career path.

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