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Saturday - October 16, 2021


 Emotions seem to be running strong beneath Saturday’s skies, Leo. The moon dances through highly-sensitive Pisces, stirring up a need for privacy and intimacy connections. Luna’s presence here encourages you to embrace renewal on the relationship front in order to move through anything that may feel stuck. Later, Luna’s square with party girl Venus can make social outings hard to fully immerse yourself in.


Luna slips into enigmatic Pisces today, activating your erotic eighth house of transformation, intimate unions, and soulmate connections, so be sure to guard your energy, Leo. This is especially true for those of you who are exploring intimate partnerships and/or investing in a shared commitment of sorts. On another note, the moon's tricky square to Venus—via your romantic fifth house of pleasure—could also challenge you to discern between your heart's desires and the foundation of your romantic connection. Fortunately, Luna's sextile to freedom-loving Uranus is presenting you with an opportunity to break free from toxic emotions and fears that keep weighing you down.

Dating: Prepare to come back down to earth today as you get good and grounded once again. If you've been mystified by the flighty feelings you've had lately, don't fret -- your mind just needs time to breathe and stretch.


Are you conveying your perspective in a professional or digestible manner, Leo? As the sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, you may notice that your communications do not match or help your work life. You may have difficulties conversing with your colleagues. In fact, you may not feel heard by colleagues and find that your advice or commentary is disregarded. If this is the case, then you could consider feedback from your colleagues today. Think about their perspective of your conversation by putting yourself in their shoes. This may help you better understand how you can mediate the dialogue.

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