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Sunday - January 17, 2021


If you're working as a member of a group, let caution be your guide. You're very community oriented and ready to collaborate, but that isn't the case with everyone. You need to acknowledge the fact that some people have some reservations and they'll be tossing out obstacle after obstacle to keep the group from moving forward. If you aren't in the mood to fight, let them have their way. Whether they're right or wrong, you won't suffer too much.


Flirt: Life is just a little harder than you think it really should be today, but that doesn't mean you get to pick up your toys and walk away. Just take a deep breath and get on with life.

Singles: Welcome that new co-worker or friend with a few helpful insider tips. They may not have romance written all over them, but you need to expand your network and boost your karma.

Couples: Time spent alone together is precious, but right now you'll also get great energy from enjoying the company of a friend or two. Your interest in the world around you makes you more interesting too.


Someone is doing a bit of probing. Exactly why isn't clear but it's making you uncomfortable. Even if you have nothing to hide, some things are beneath the surface for good reason. Keep them there.


You might feel ready to make some financial decisions that will help your money go further. Sure, you’re eager to enjoy a few treats, but you could be more aware of the need to cut back and save.


It's a day of action. Make sure you're jumping from task to task and activity to activity like a monkey in the zoo, not thinking or worrying too much about any one thing.

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