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Tuesday - June 28, 2022


You'll notice a direct correlation between your emotional disposition and motivation to work today, dear Aquarius, as the moon enters Cancer and your solar sixth house. This cosmic climate will ask you to find a healthy connection between your mind, body, and soul, especially if you've recently been feeling low energy or bogged down by your feelings. Luckily, a playful aspect between Venus and Jupiter can help bring you out of any funk you may have stumbled into, though you'll need to get comfortable with talking about your feelings and embracing the fun-loving weirdo that lives within you.


Today's new moon in Cancer will touch down on your responsible sixth house of daily rituals, due diligence, and acts of service, bringing new beginnings to everything from your day-to-day lifestyle to the intuitive connection you have with your physical body. Granted, it may feel as if this doesn't align with your love life one bit, but you'd be surprised. For instance, in addition to the opportunity to reconnect with your mind, body, and soul, Venus will also harmonize with lucky Jupiter, spicing things up in your romantic fifth house of love and curious communication sector. Your perspective and communication style are shifting in a big way, Aquarius.

Dating: It's a great time to buddy up and start up a new habit that will make you both happier and healthier. Start going to the gym, doing yoga, eating better, reading more, whatever it takes.


Develop intuitive patterns and routines during the new moon in Cancer. Starting now, you are called to listen to your mind and body, especially at work. Aquarius, this lunar cycle asks you to honor how you feel, which means knowing your limitations even at work. You could use this cycle to create a healthier schedule that allows you to have a more productive work-life balance. It may be easier to step into this schedule since Neptune retrograde in Pisces has also begun. Neptune retrograde is slowly but surely showing you the value of taking it easier.

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