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Read free Aquarius weekly horoscope for the Week 19 of 2021. Week Starting On: May 10 to May 16.


Week 19 of 2021

Week Starting On: May 10 to May 16


Aquarius, you're ready to try something new. This week, you're looking for adventure.

The week begins on Monday, May 10, with Mercury in Gemini making a conjunction to the North Node in your house of creativity and children. Today, you may feel called to expand your world through art or possible pregnancy. If you already have kids, then you may be looking at how you can help them by being their guide and teacher. If you're looking for help with fertility, you can find expert assistance today.

The new moon in Taurus is on Tuesday, May 11, and for the next two weeks, there's a lot of emphasis on home and family. Perhaps you are unpacking from a recent move or packing up to move in a few weeks. At the same time, Mars in Cancer, in your house of routines, makes a sextile to unpredictable Uranus at the base of your chart. This is a good time to look at new ways of doing things. You might decide to go minimalist and get rid of most of your stuff. Or perhaps you're thinking of moving to a cabin outside of town.

Love & Romance

Romance is all around you, especially since Venus entered your playful and passionate fifth house as of May 8. This transit will tap into your desire for poetry, romance, love letters, and all of those cheesy clichés. Who knows? It may even invite a brand-new whirlwind love affair into your life. And as Mercury joins forces with the North Node on May 10, it could lead to a romantic conversation that changes everything.

The new moon on May 11 could have you craving a simple, warm, and emotionally considerate form of love. As it swirls through your fourth house of home and family, you may feel inspired to forge a relationship that’s based on so much more than just lust. Think about where you and your lover may be headed, whether it’s as serious as starting a family or simply moving in together. Approach these topics gently, as disagreements could leave you feeling attacked as Mars in your practical sixth house squares off with Chiron in your communication sector.

However, romance is truly guiding you forward, and by May 12, it may even guide you to yourself. As Mercury forms a trine with Saturn in Aquarius, you’re learning the type of supportive romance that allows you to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Career & Work

You may feel consumed by a creative idea that you just can’t seem to shake. Don’t let it pass you by, because on May 10, Mercury will join forces with the North Node in your artistic fifth house, pointing you toward your own creative exploration. Even if your work does not “feel” artistic, remember that you are inherently an artist in everything you do.

You may encounter confusion and conflicts of interest by May 11. Mars in your productive sixth house will square Chiron in your communication sector, which could leave you with crossed wires and insecurity over your ability to be an efficient worker. Take it slow and be patient with yourself. As Mars forms a sextile with Uranus in your fourth house of home and family, tending to your emotions and your personal life may leave you feeling regenerated enough to work even harder.

Your creative senses will really kick into gear by May 12. This is when Mercury in your colorful fifth house will trine Saturn in Aquarius, providing you with the stamina, the commitment, and thee seriousness it takes to bring your vision to life. And don’t worry, you’ll get paid. When Jupiter enters your second house of finances on May 13, you’ll find that your luck with money is increasing.

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