Aquarius : The Eleventh Zodiac Sign (Astrology)


Aquarius Personality, Characteristics and Traits

What is Aquarius and what are things you need to know.

Anyone born between Jan 20th and Feb 18th is born under the sign of Aquarius, represented by the Water Carrier. Known for their attractive and strong personalities, there are two main types of Aquarians, the shy, patient, gentle, and sensitive type, and the lively, outgoing, public figure type. They both tend to be strong-willed in their own manners with seemingly opposite convictions, however, they are capable of seeing both sides of an argument and swaying towards the side with the most evidence and reasonable proof rather than arguing a point they feel is wrong for the sake of not backpedaling on their point of view. As such, they tend to make good listeners and mediators with their unbiased opinion and acceptance of multiple points of view. If they had a motto, it might be considered "Be open to truth, from whatever source it comes". Aquarius

An Aquarius will exhibit traits of being humane, serious, refined, idealistic, and practical at the same time. They also are known for being active, assertive, and expressive with a sense of humor on the dry side. As concise and intelligent people they tend to have nearly infallible logical arguments that can help end most arguments before they spiral out of control. As the Age of Aquarius is nearly beginning, many psychically in tune individuals believe mankind is on the verge of a great spiritual awakening as we’ve never seen before.

Aquarius born people in spite of their sometimes exuberant and flashy manner can find it somewhat difficult to make friends. They almost seem outwardly unpleasant to deal with as they show an almost defensive layer of personality to outsiders that causes most people to move along and not spend their time attempting to gain the acquaintance of an Aquarius. Outwardly cold, they take quite a while to warm up to others whom they do not initially trust; however, once they’ve determined someone is worthy of their love or affection, they tend to draw those people in using an almost hypnotic personality. Once a bond is formed, the Aquarius are known to have an undying, faithful loyalty to that person which lasts until the end of days. On the contrary, if you are to upset or dishonor an Aquarius, you’ve made yourself a lifetime enemy that will likely never forgive or forget your misdoings.

Aquarius and Relationships

While it may seem hard or not worth someone’s time to become involved with an Aquarius, keep in mind they make extremely faithful, loyal, and dedicated partners that are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure the safety, happiness, and well being of their partner. They make fierce guardians when their family is in danger and will go above and beyond reasonable means to secure food and safety for their friends and family in any circumstance. Their partners may find it annoying that your average Aquarius will easily break promises that don’t directly compromise the safety of their family, exhibiting strange secretive behaviors that many read as cheating or being disloyal to their mates, however, this is merely part of their personality. Remember that they are known to be extremely loyal to their friends and loved ones.

Some of the most negative aspects of the Aquarius in regards to love and relationships are they tend to allow their negative emotions to boil inside of them until it explodes out in a violent eruption of anger and hatred against those who have done them wrong. They harbor intense feelings of hatred when the situation arises, which can lead to their partners feeling alone or excommunicated when they should be open and talking about their problems. This is the main reason they are known for being lifetime enemies with people who may not even be aware of the hatred the Aquarius feels towards them.

Health Issues with Aquarius

Aquarius born individuals are known to have issues with their legs, knees and ankles as well as the blood flow and circulation to those areas. It’s important that they avoid cramping of those areas by stretching before exercising as cramps can be a serious issue for any and all Aquarius individuals.

Famous People With Aquarius Sign:

Abraham Lincoln Charles Darwin Oprah Winfrey Charles Lindbergh Franklin Delano Roosevelt Thomas Alva Edison Jules Verne Lord Byron

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