Aries : The First Zodiac Sign (Astrology)


Aries Personality, Characteristics and Traits

What is Aries and what are things you need to know.

Men and women born anywhere between March 21st and April 19th of any year were born under the sun Zodiac sign of Aries, the ram. This is known as the first sign as it’s the first month of a new year, thus, is known as the sign of new beginnings. As rams are known as adventurous, impulsive, energetic and enthusiastic by nature, so carries over to the traits bestowed upon people born under this sign. They are thought to be pioneers of both mental and physical activities and will never turn down a chance to wander around in the open, expressing their freedom by means of outdoor adventure. They happily face challenges and are only distracted from solving issues by their own desire to pursue something else; outside temptations and distractions will not phase an Aries.

The Aries is known as a fierce and bold leader never turning away in the face of adversity regardless of how large or small the opposition may be. With this leadership comes a natural compassion for those they are leading, displaying great amounts of compassion and responsibility even during stressful and trying situations. That being said, Aries do not make good ‘subjects’ or followers due to their burning desire to lead and take their problems on head on. They’d rather be responsible for someone falling in a battle than if they were to sit back and watch someone else take charge regardless of the outcome. This whole leading nature stems from the fact that they are the “first Zodiac”, so naturally they are inclined to set out on new adventures and lead their people from beginning to end, just as the calendar cycle goes. Occasionally, their desire to lead others may make it hard for other Zodiac signs to relate to you on a personal level.

Aries and Relationships

The Aries are known as being blunt and direct on the positive side, often being the person to call someone out when they legitimately need to be corrected. They make friends quite easily and others tend to be drawn to them for their natural leadership. Aries are known for their powerful sex drives and tend to take several partners prior to settling down in a more serious relationship. When they do end up finding a mate who can keep up with their sexual appetite, constant search for new adventure, and leadership abilities, they make a great spouse and parent. While they need to be challenged on a regular basis by those around them to keep them comfortable and always exercising their mental and physical prowess, they tend to make great role models for their children as the Aries will not settle for a sedimentary lifestyle. A true Aries will constantly be mentally and physically challenging their children, friends, and lover to push themselves to the limit and keep ahead of others to ensure they are all prepared to face whatever may come their way in the near future.

Health Issues with Aries

As would be expected from a Ram, the sun sign Aries controls the brain and head and everything associated with those areas. Aries must be careful with head trauma and mental illness such as depression and irritability as well as may be stricken with intense headaches and migraines throughout their lives. Should the Aries keep themselves mentally and physically exercised, these problems shouldn’t surface in any major ways.

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