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Tuesday - September 29, 2020


The comfort of home, friends, and family will help keep you feeling grounded during any troubling or uncertain times. The people who care most about you always have a way of reminding you that the glass is half full, not half empty. So if you're feeling the need for an influx of positive thinking right now, set aside some time to hunker down and just hang with the folks you care the most about. The big, wild world and all of its adventures can wait for another time.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You're not up to your usual levels of energy, but that doesn't mean you should sink into despair. It's just one of those days that calls on a bit of your reserves, so you should be able to get by.

Singles: Things have been more fizzle than sizzle in the romance department lately, but fear not. Love takes a turn for the better soon. Either a current relationship will deepen or a new connection will spark.

Couples: Being part of a duo doesn't mean you two share a brain. Speak your mind even when you know it contradicts your partner. Remaining independent in your ideas and opinions makes the relationship exciting.

Finance Horoscope

If puttering around the house in slippers brings you comfort, then do it. If reading the paper from cover to cover is the only way to start the day, then do that. Sticking to your regular routine is your best defense against money worries today.

Business Horoscope

Being one of the adoring masses is getting old. Take some time to understand just what that certain something is that some people have and you don't, then try it out for yourself.

Teen Horoscope

Either through exercise, long talks, artwork or some other secret trick up your sleeve, you find a great way to unload some of those darker feelings that have built up over the past few years.

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