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Thursday - October 01, 2020


If you stop and think about it today, you'll realize that the greatest battles of your life have been battles of will. So if you encounter conflict today, keep that in mind. If you can focus your brainpower on achieving one goal, there is nothing that can stop you. Do not accept compromise just for the sake of keeping the peace. Move forward with your ideas. If you display all the confidence you feel, you won't ruffle any feathers. You will inspire people.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You may not be a domestic god or goddess, but you can still throw down in the kitchen every now and then! It's a good time to whip up your specialty or learn a few new culinary tricks.

Singles: Don't just ask "So, what do you do?" Instead, go for something far more revealing. You could meet people who share your point of view in some really amazing ways now, but you've got to ask the right questions.

Couples: Work, work, work. Your ambition is certainly admirable, and it's part of what makes you attractive to your significant other. On the other hand, you get bonus points for a sweet e-mail, call, or text.

Finance Horoscope

Charm is valuable, up to a point. It's not cash in the bank but it can get you some if you know how to use it judiciously. Enticing those who can't help your projects isn't necessarily a waste of time, though. Consider it practice.

Business Horoscope

If you've been trying to push an idea, today is your day. Your normally oppositional boss is in a rare good mood. That means working together is not such a far-fetched idea, if only temporarily.

Teen Horoscope

Your amazing personal energy is pushing you to take action of some kind -- even if you don't really know what's coming up! Who cares? You're having a blast, and should stir up some good trouble.

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