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Monday - October 03, 2022


Professional breakthroughs could manifest for you this morning, dear Aries, as the Capricorn moon shares a sweet connection to evolutionary Uranus. This celestial exchange is sure to shake up your foundations for the better, though you'll need to maintain resilience and set up for any opportunities that land in your path. The universe will ask you to bring some logic into your fantasies this evening when Luna connects with Mercury and Neptune, helping you take a pragmatic approach toward these goals. Good vibes will continue to flow as the moon cozies up to Pluto later tonight, helping you embrace the transformation that lies ahead. 


For months, taskmaster Saturn, the planet of karma, life lessons, and stamina, has been in a retrograde phase, Aries. He is currently asleep in your solar eleventh house of friendships, communities, and groups. You may be noticing how you’re reviewing and revising your connections, especially in karmic ways. You could even be going back and forth between friends and exes, wondering what the life lesson is. When Saturn is direct, he brings more pronounced tangible tutelage, but for now, he is teaching you internally. Embrace what you’ve learned since 2020 because you still have more paths to tread.

Dating: You've hit a big milestone of some kind, and there's a big smile on your face. It feels great, and your good energy should help your people feel better about their own situations.


What do you need to adjust to feel valued in your career path, Aries? The moon in Capricorn is highlighting your status and accomplishments, encouraging you to consider what you have achieved in your profession. Since the moon forms an earthy trine to the North Node and Uranus retrograde in Taurus, you may feel like it is time to shift gears to follow a fated yet valuable path. You should be working toward financial and professional security at this time. But being comfortable will require self-reflection since the moon also squares Chiron retrograde in your sign.

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