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Friday - October 22, 2021


Send your focus towards the talents you’ve kept waiting in the wings, Aries. Friday’s skies work to remind you that you have something special to offer the world as the moon marches through practical Taurus. Luna enjoys a variety of supportive aspects that offer inspired energy and the ability to renew yourself with ease, making it an ideal day to apply yourself towards productive efforts.


You're not the person you once were, and these changes are reflecting onto your current reality, Aries. Now, before the moon concludes its journey through sensually driven Taurus and your stability-seeking second house of comfort, money, and value systems, it will form a transformative trine to transformative Pluto via your bossy tenth house of authority and reputation in the world. Single? Are you willing to compromise? On another note, your planetary ruler, Mars, continues to clash with powerhouse Pluto, so try to not submit to your impulses. Luna's sextile to dreamy Neptune encourages you to trust the process and follow your intuition.

Dating: Momentum is on your side right now -- that's why it's a great time to get started on that nutty idea you've been kicking around for a while, especially if you can drag a friend or two along for the ride.


Hooray, it is finally Friday! But before your weekend commences, you need to finish your work first, Aries. Luckily, the moon is in durable yet driven Taurus, encouraging you to finish what you started from a monetary perspective. Even if work is dull compared to your weekend plans, the lunar energy is perfect for remaining focused. By keeping your eye on the prize — the prize being your paycheck — you can stay on task throughout your workday. The lunation can also help you remain focused on the most important tasks that need to be tackled.

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