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Thursday - July 29, 2021


Major cosmic shifts take place under Wednesday’s skies, Aries. After several months of leaning into a refreshed understanding of solitude and spirituality, you’re ready to re-enter society. Growth-giving Jupiter retrogrades out of visionary Pisces and slips back into gregarious Aquarius today. This transition focuses the bulk of your growth on enhancing your community involvement and defining your vision for long-term goals through the rest of the year.


Today, expressing yourself could be equally cathartic as it is challenging, Aries. The moon will not only make its monthly debut in your sign, but also form a harmonious trine to the sun via your romantic fifth house of affection, passion, pleasure, and self-expression. Your courage runs deep but Luna's close proximity to the wounded healer, Chiron, could challenge you to confront, revisit, and reflect on the repressed emotions resurfacing during this time. The same goes for your thoughts, communication style, and general desires for affection. Don't be discouraged by conversations and situations triggering your ego. Instead, take a moment to reflect on where it's coming from. 

Dating: Take the initiative and try something truly unusual. Gourmet meanderings and romantic experiments are your friends today. You can't go wrong when you go with your wildest impulses. Test your stamina and your stomach.


Benevolent Jupiter has been retrograde for weeks and will return to your solar eleventh house of communities today, Aries. He will continue to energize this sector until the end of December, but will still be asleep until October. With Jupiter here, you’ll find that your professional networks and associations aid you tremendously at this time. You will likely be linked with a major connection that opens the doorway for you to pursue a lifelong professional aspiration. Aim high and work hard and the stars could propel you forward. Also, with Jupiter’s luck here, you’ll likely make more money from your career in the months to come.

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