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Monday - May 16, 2022


The moon moves into Sagittarius this morning, forming a sweet connection to auspicious Jupiter and filling the air with a peaceful quiet after last night’s intense lunar eclipse. This cosmic climate will bless you with spiritual support throughout the day, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for synchronicities and messages from beyond. Unfortunately, a harsh opposition between Luna and Mercury could bring confusion your way, especially if your logic and intuition begin to fight with one another. Rather than stressing out about the path ahead, allow yourself to enjoy the day without the pressure of making major life deacons.


Upon the moon's shift into worldly Sagittarius, and your exotic ninth house of adventure, expansion, and unknown territory, Luna will make a direct opposition to Mercury retrograde, creating friction between what you know firsthand vs. your visions of the future. Are you and your significant other on the same page, Aries? This could revolve around a religious outlook or a desire to relocate. Themes of faith and travel are also of greater prominence, especially with the moon making a harmonious trine to Jupiter in your sign. You're inspired to expand and explore other horizons, and it shows.

Dating: You won't be able to decide how to read people today. Except for the few who are blatantly obvious, you'll have to live with some ambiguity in your interactions. This shouldn't be a problem for someone as perceptive as you.


Aries, what could come to a peak or end in your life during the full moon total lunar eclipse in Scorpio? This illuminating eclipse may impact your shared resources, referring to any joint finances or assets. It could also take a hit on your loans, both new loans for which you’re filing or a preexisting one. Although a little dire, the eclipse could restore your power through these aspects, especially if you are alleviated of debt, receive a significant pay-off from an investment, or have more at your disposal than you may realize. 

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