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Thursday - May 16, 2024


The quarter moon rises in Leo and the sector of your chart that governs fun, dearest Aries, though tensions could brew if you feel bogged down or disconnected from your surroundings. Take a mid-morning breather to do something fun or indulge in a small treat when Jupiter stirs, ushering you toward the lighter side of life. You'll sense a shift when Mercury migrates into Taurus, heightening your senses throughout the coming weeks. You'll also find that learning comes more easily when there are tangible resources with which to experiment. Focus on upgrading your routines or getting organized later this afternoon when the moon enters Virgo and connects with Mercury.


Our cosmic messenger, mental Mercury, is leaving you behind to pursue other assignments from the universe beginning today, Aries. In fact, he is set to venture into newfound territory in your solar second house. While he is here, this is an excellent time to discuss your income and expenses with your partner and assess how the pair of you can further build a nest egg. You may even consider talking about new possessions or things that you'd like to buy or own. Your mind and thoughts will be sharp, and your lover will appreciate your assertive and practical approach.

Dating: You have some good social energy that should come in handy today, so make use of it ASAP! Start something new. Work your connections to make it happen more quickly.


What are your financial goals, Aries? Your mind will turn toward your finances once Mercury enters Taurus today. As the new Mercurial transit begins, you will find that your financial opportunities and ambitions are the only thing you think of. Mercury in Taurus can help you be grounded and logical as you mull over your financial possibilities. It could even be an excellent transit to do some research on your financial opportunities to see where you can make or save more money. Use your brainpower to increase your prosperity during Mercury in Taurus.

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