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Monday - February 26, 2024


Things will snap into place in unexpected ways this morning, dear Aries, thanks to a sweet exchange between the Virgo moon and Uranus. Use this energy to establish new routines that will improve your sense of wellness and stability, finding empowerment in healthy habits and organization. You may also experience prosperous breakthroughs on any projects you've been working diligently toward. As the hours unfold, get a head start on the work week by catching up on errands or chores and outlining your meal plans. A sleepy energy takes hold later tonight when Luna faces off with Neptune, increasing your chance of vivid dreaming.


Ignite like a wildfire, Aries. The entire cosmos is favoring you and your passions. You will have the courage and dynamic energy to conquer like the royalty that you are. As your planetary ruler, mighty Mars, links in a square over the coming days to Jupiter, you will feel competitive to build your love life like you deserve the greatest romance the world has ever seen. Use your words today to command, and watch as everyone bows at your knees. Just don't act too cocky, overconfident, or sassy, or you could bruise some people's egos!

Dating: You're usually greeting the world with a big smile, but today, it's a frown. Don't get stuck in that mood for too long. Hang out with yourself for the day and your mood will pick up fast.


Unpredictable feelings could shake up your workday, Aries. As a fire sign, you tend to be a little more brash and excitable. So, this energy could be heightened when the moon in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. The earthy trine might lead to a wonderful breakthrough regarding your financial status and work life. But this could also cause you to feel suddenly upset about your professional and financial endeavors. Luckily, you can lean into the more innovative side of this transit to make do with what you have in your work life to feel secure and safe.

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