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Friday - September 15, 2023


The vibe may feel slightly overstimulating today, dear Aries, as the Leo moon squares off with Jupiter. Take care to stay grounded, connecting with your surroundings and physical self. A flirtatious and passionate energy will emerge as Luna crosses over Venus retrograde. You may hear from an old crush or someone you used to date. Connect with your creative visions when Chiron becomes active tonight, encouraging you to express yourself through artistic means. Watch out for upheaval or instability when the sun Squares off with Uranus, threatening to challenge your sense of security.


Juno, the asteroid of loyalty and marriage, is brandishing and blasting a trumpet in the heavens, Aries. This asteroid is especially important to watch because wherever she soars, she brings insight into human relationships here on Earth. Now, as she dances into the skies of Leo, she is vibrating ever so perfectly for you. This encourages all people seeking partnership to pursue a union that makes them feel proud and powerful. We will also hunger to be seen as influential and mighty. Living love loudly is the new M.O. Embrace this fervent and fabulous energy!

Dating: You need to be sure that you're dealing with the right people, and in the right way too! It's a good time for you to listen to the folks you care about most and hear what they're saying for real.


Lean into your innovation, Aries. You may have a wonderful idea that could be financially and professionally advantageous. However, something may pop up that could make your plans feel up in the air when the sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. The square could be stressful since it could throw you for a loop. It might affect a potential offer or the financial stability of your ventures. However, you can also use this square to take back control by embracing whatever changes arise and making them work for you, not against you.   

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