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Friday - October 22, 2021


Be extra gentle with yourself today, Libra. You’re in need of some delicate healing time spent away from the world after yesterday’s emotional explosions were unearthed. The moon gently meanders through peace-seeking Taurus, making it easy to feel good if you stick to low-key endeavors. Luna enjoys a variety of uplifting, renewal-seeking aspects throughout the day, making it an ideal time to seek out therapeutic endeavors and to confide in those you’re closest to.


Are they worthy of your time and precious energy, Libra? Luna continues to activate your intimate eighth house of transformation, sexual chemistry, and soulmate connections, highlighting the psychic connection between you and a significant other and the give-and-take or lack thereof. The moon will simultaneously form a sweet trine to smoldering Pluto via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings, which, in turn, inspires the desire to take things to the next level in your relationship. Luna will also form a sweet sextile to dreamy Neptune, adding a layer of hope and compassion to relationship dynamics.

Dating: You never know where the day will lead you so leave your options wide open. Enjoy the good vibes, and maybe take a little time to throw out a few kind words of appreciation. Even if others don't join in, they'll support your cause.


Before the weekend begins, you may have some loose ends to tie up at work. The moon is in Taurus, highlighting your secret sector of investments and transformation. You may want to head into the weekend with nothing left on your professional to-do list. This may be the case if you need to put the finishing touch on a collaborative investment or finalize a new investment. Thankfully, the lunar energy encourages patience. You can get everything done today. If it has to wait, you can always tackle your responsibilities on Monday or throughout the weekend.

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