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Thursday - May 16, 2024


People may seem more temperamental under the Leo quarter moon this morning, dearest Libra, though you should avoid squabbles or power struggles. Go where you feel supported and understood when Jupiter stirs, and consider diffusing tension in your midst with some kind words or optimistic subject shifts. Mercury makes its debut into Taurus, intensifying your conversations throughout the coming weeks. If you've been hoping to grow closer to someone or need to breach difficult topics, use this planetary placement in the coming weeks. Seek peace and quiet midafternoon when Luna enters Virgo, accentuating your need for privacy.


Today, mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, will shift into high gear and move to his next journey in the sky, Libra. For you, this will continue to bring a spotlight on your relationships, as he will dance through your solar eighth house of intimacy and sexuality. For the weeks to come, you may be assessing if your needs are truly being fulfilled by your partner—financially, sexually, emotionally, and beyond. You may also be able to bring a microscope to you and your spouse’s assets and investments. Consider having open, honest, and deep conversations for your greatest benefit.

Dating: Use that great social energy of yours to make something happen today. It could be almost anything as long as it involves the people you know and like the most.


Who can you talk to, Libra? Discuss your financial opportunities, woes, and more when Mercury enters Taurus. It might be kind of scary to be so vulnerable about your finances with someone else. However, it could also be empowering to share your thoughts and feelings on your finances. Maybe it is time to talk to your partner or a financial advisor. No matter who it is, make sure you trust the individual if you want to share your fears, ideas, and more with them. After all, talking to the right person could make a world of difference!

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