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Sunday - September 27, 2020


Who knew that someone's absence could make you feel so good? Don't be ashamed to breathe a sigh of relief when someone you don't like very much isn't on the scene today (and may never bother you again). It's not like you don't wish them well; it's just that they add way too much stress to your life and you don't need it. You don't have to share your feelings with other people. It's not nice to talk about people who aren't around to defend themselves. Just be happy and grateful.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You have plenty to say today -- probably a lot more than you think. It's a good time to sit someone down and pour your heart out. But, make sure they have the patience to listen.

Singles: Someone who can keep up with you intellectually is way hotter than just another pretty face. Ask them about their favorite book or a current issue. If you get a blank stare, move on.

Couples: Take time at the end of the day to review all that's happened. It might help to do so in the company of your partner. While you two are at it, why not watch the sunset? Those romantic cliches can be pretty effective.

Finance Horoscope

Others suddenly want you to be the group leader. Step up to the wheel, even if it's on a sinking ship. If nothing else, with a bit of creativity, you can boost your own bottom line.

Business Horoscope

The internal picture isn't the big picture, believe it or not. What's going on inside you is just a small part of what goes on in your world on any given day. Don't waste so much time on your active subconscious.

Teen Horoscope

You have some new stuff to take care of today, and it should be pretty simple for you to find fun ways to do it all. Your good energy is inspiring others to follow your example, so live it up!

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