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Friday - September 15, 2023


You'll feel inspired to break free from any funks or unhealthy patterns you may have fallen into recently, dearest Libra, thanks to a sweet exchange between the Virgo moon and auspicious Jupiter. The steps you take toward personal transformation will yield impressive results, even if they seem small at first. Be mindful to take care of yourself when Chiron activates this afternoon, accentuating the importance of perusal balance. The atmosphere thickens this evening when the new moon rises overhead, putting you in a solitary mood perfect for seeking healing from within, shedding that which does not serve you. 


A rather slow and reflective period of the year is upon you, Libra. This is because a new moon in your solar twelfth house is arriving today. However, as much as this may encourage you to lie low, recharge, and reset your mental and emotional batteries, you can use this time to enjoy some independence and solitude. Reflect in the coming week on what you've learned in the past year and how you can better create the life of your dreams by releasing any baggage, clutter, or weight that is just holding you back or tying you to the past. A bright future awaits, but first you must find stillness.

Dating: It's a good time to take stock of what you have. Inventory your house or just figure out if you have any gaps in your material possessions. You can deal with dating issues another day!


New cycle, new outlook, Libra. You may need to work on your subconscious appraisal of work, trust in your intuition, and coping mechanisms following the new moon in Virgo. Over the next six months, you may see a subtle yet powerful difference in your work life. You may find it easy to trust your inner voice without becoming overly critical of your gut feelings. It could be time to revamp your coping mechanisms to handle work stressors better, especially if you want to feel lighter and happier. 

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