Aries Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of June 2022


Dynamic Action

Your mood is high as June gets underway, Aries, with feisty Mars and sassy Jupiter in your sign giving you the energy to branch out and enjoy exciting adventures.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated by financial delays, things can begin to improve when chatty Mercury turns direct on June 3. However, with lovely Venus also in Taurus, you’ll be partial to a few treats, and why not? You thoroughly deserve them.

When it comes to making new connections, planning, studying and kick-starting online and social media projects, you can go far this month. Convivial Mercury moves into Gemini on the thirteenth, which can give you a real advantage. If you need to do some wheeling and dealing, this is the time. You’ll leave everyone in the dust.

The big news this month is a supermoon in Sagittarius and your sector of far horizons on June 14. This turbocharged full moon shines a light on opportunities that might be too good to miss. You could get so excited by one of them that you’ll want to dive in right away. However, you might need to let go of something first so you can move forward unencumbered.

The sun’s move into sensitive Cancer on the twenty-first could inspire you to put your attention on domestic projects. You might want to take a step back from life and use the coming four weeks to rethink your game plan. This is a good time to nurture yourself by eating good food and getting more sleep.

The move of sweet Venus into Gemini and your sector of talk and thought on June 22 can highlight your persuasive charm. You’ll find it easy to connect with others from all walks of life, and you can make some wonderful new friends and contacts.

The new moon in Cancer on the twenty-eighth is the perfect opportunity to kick-start plans that involve your home and family. And if you’re thinking about moving, take those first steps now.

Love & Romance

You’ve got some serious love goals in mind this month, and with your assertive home planet Mars and fateful Jupiter both inhaling the flames of your fiery sign this month, you’re determined to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Stay focused. You should circle June 3 on your calendar, because as communicative Mercury heads direct in attentive Taurus, it’s a lot easier to pay attention to what a current or potential partner is talking to you about. The next three weeks are also an ideal time to try to make up for any unfortunate misunderstandings caused by this past Mercury retrograde cycle.Kindred fire sign Sagittarius hosts the fun-filled full moon on the fourteenth, which makes you want to trade in your responsibilities for a more exciting, stress-free lifestyle. If you’re single, go for it! If you have a partner and/or family, however, your full moon adventures might have to be slightly tamer this time around.The confident sun has been soaking up Gemini’s airy rays all month but there’s a shift into sensitive, protective Cancer on June 21. You’ll go to great lengths to create a feeling of security for loved ones now, Aries. If you’re single, you’ll be looking for someone who’s more into monogamy than promiscuity. At least for now.

Career & Work

On June 4, Saturn’s planetary retrograde could have you rethinking your agreement with your boss and company. At this time, you’ll be reassessing the amount of money you earn and the role you play at the office. This isn’t a bad time to ask for a raise and promotion. You might want to change the direction your career, and a lot of other changes could take place as well. You might find that you’re rethinking whether you want to commit to your current job at all.

On the twenty-eighth, the start of Neptune’s retrograde could bring a lot of confusion about the direction you take. Try to clarify your thoughts as you navigate the murky waters and move forward. Don’t overthink the situation. Just listen to what your instincts are telling you to do. 

The Cancer new moon on June 28 can help you feel strong enough in your personal life and situation to move forward on your path.

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