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For The Month Of July 2021



Virgo, your social life looks promising as this month gets underway, with the sun in your sector of friendship and groups until July 22. And with convivial Mercury moving into this zone on the eleventh, the chance to connect and enjoy outings and events can certainly boost your mood.

Are you ready to branch out and move in new circles? There’s a delightful new moon in Cancer on July 9, making this a great opportunity to set your intention to make new friends and connect with kindred spirits. And if you have a long-held dream that you’re eager to start on, now is the time. 

There is also an emphasis on your spiritual sector, with harmonious Venus and warrior Mars moving through this zone. 

Even so, the start of the month could highlight questions about your current lifestyle, job, or circumstances. Are you happy? If not, with electric Uranus involved in the mix, you might be tempted to do something on impulse. Hold off for now, because it could pay to think things through carefully and have a sound plan.

Gorgeous Venus moves into your sign on the twenty-first, which adds charm to your interactions and could be the perfect time for a makeover.

On July 22, the sun moves into a private zone, so the coming four weeks can be helpful for reflecting on your purpose in life and your goals for the coming weeks and months. If you need to find closure on lingering issues and jettison any emotional baggage, start the process now.

The full moon in eclectic Aquarius on the twenty-third could highlight areas where you feel dissatisfied, but again, avoid doing anything on the spur of the moment. Just notice those things you’d like to change the most and gently move in that direction.

Finally, jovial Jupiter will be in Aquarius and your lifestyle sector from July 28 to December 28, so the opportunity to find your perfect job is there for you. Be sure to take advantage of it.

Love & Romance

Flirting and making witty banter are easy when your guiding planet Mercury is in chatty Gemini, the other sign it rules, at the start of the month. You have so many interesting things to say that it’s no wonder so many people are attracted to you now! Only those who match your high intellect are good potential long-term partners, however.Mercury leaves Gemini and joins the sun in quiet, imaginative Cancer on July 11, where they both create a moody, supersensitive energy in which your love life can either thrive or barely survive. Since you aren’t sure what you’ll be feeling minute to minute, try to avoid making definitive statements using the words “always” and “never.”On the twenty-first, loving Venus partners with your practical earth sign, which won’t be the most romantic time in your love life. However, you are very good at doing things for a current or potential partner that will make them see that you actually care for them a lot. You just might not show it in ways that are traditionally associated with romance.You love to perfect the details, and that will be a lot easier to do when powerful Mars leaves flamboyant Leo and enters your practical sign on July 29. You’re more centered now and able to concentrate on your romantic goals. Try not to be too critical of yourself or others. Everyone is trying their best.

Career & Work

The new moon on July 9 offers you an opportune time to ask your boss for a raise. The good news is that you might actually receive the extra income you ask for if you make a strong case. When Mercury moves into Cancer two days later, you could receive news from your employer about your request. Feeling that your hard work at the office is being appreciated will make you extremely happy. 

When centaur Chiron starts its retrograde journey on the fifteenth, you might be surprised by the amount of cash available to you. Be prepared to get even more money than you asked for—and perhaps a title change to go with the raise. 

When Venus aligns with your sign on July 21, you’ll be feeling amazing because all your professional efforts are paying off. This energy is followed by Mars entering Virgo on the twenty-ninth, which gives you even more incentive to step up your professional game and make some changes that transform the office for the better. By the end of July, you’ll be dealing with a whole new vibe and energy that can facilitate your success.

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