Virgo Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of October 2022


Attracting Wealth

Are you ready to make your money work harder for you, %s? You’ll have the chance this month. The sun and delightful Venus in your financial zone encourage you to be creative and come up with ways to earn extra cash.

You might be tempted to spend more too, and this would be something to watch out for. If you’re hoping to save and make progress on any debts, it would help to set yourself a few targets.

You’ll benefit when chatty Mercury turns direct on October 2. If you’ve experienced delays in recent weeks, these will soon begin to ease. And when Mercury moves back into your financial sector on the tenth, you’ll be in money-saving mode and ready to hunt down those bargains and close some good deals.

This month, potent Pluto and sobering Saturn also turn direct on October 8 and October 22, respectively. Even so, feisty Mars turns retrograde at the end of the month, which could put the brakes on any career progress.

Go easy around the full moon in Aries on the ninth, especially if you’re feeling emotional. This might be one time when you’re tempted to splurge even though you know that doing so could cost you. Arguments about money are also possible, but so is the chance to clear the air and find helpful solutions.

Communication becomes more of a priority as tactful Venus and the radiant sun move into Scorpio on October 23. The coming weeks are a good time for negotiating, enhancing your social media presence and kick-starting new projects, especially anything online.

The solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth will give a big push to anything you begin at this time. You’ll also find that coincidences and synchronicities encourage you along a certain path and inspire you to explore new options.

Finally, friendly Jupiter moves back into Pisces on October 27 for a short stay, which will enhance relationships. Old friends could show up out of the blue.

Love & Romance

Your standards are high as your mental ruler Mercury heads direct while in your critical sign on October 2, so you’ll notice all of the little details that other people don’t catch. The trick is to be as tactful as possible, Virgo. Although you’re just being helpful when you tell your sweetie or date that they have spinach in their teeth, it could be quite embarrassing for them.The Aries full moon wakes up your passionate side on the ninth, and your sudden aggressive attitude might catch someone off guard. Getting what you want is easy during this powerful lunation, but, tbh, you prefer a challenge. You’d much rather be the one pursuing than the one being pursued.On October 10, Mercury leaves your precise, practical sign for Libra’s airy, graceful influence and then opposes adventurous Jupiter two days later. If your love life becomes overwhelming at this point, adjust as necessary. Maybe you can reschedule a date as opposed to canceling it altogether. As long as you’re willing to compromise, most obstacles can be overcome during this stressful aspect. Serious Saturn goes direct in Aquarius on the twenty-second, giving you a chance to put some positive lessons into play. And while you won’t be able to totally put a recent disappointment or heartbreak behind you, vowing not to make the same mistakes that led up to it gives you some incredibly comforting peace of mind.

Career & Work

Even if you don’t want to assert yourself this month, Virgo, it’s time you asked for a raise at work. The Aries full moon on October 9 is pushing you to reassess your value to your employer and put a dollar sign next to it, which you could find is more than you’re making now. Speaking up is hard, but it’s important. You’re one of the hardest workers on the team, and you deserve to earn as much as, if not more than, others who are at your level.

The limitation to receiving the money you require is that Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on the thirtieth, which might prevent your boss or company from releasing the money right away (the funds may be on hold or unavailable at the moment).

However, the eclipse on October 25 gives you reason to smile. Instead of a financial reward for your hard work, you could be repaid with a title that gives you all the credit you desire, and the feeling that you’re appreciated by the company.

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