Virgo Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of December 2022


Home and Family

Your home and family will be very important to you for much of this month, Virgo, as the sun, harmonious Venus, and interactive Mercury continue their journey through your domestic sector. This is a time to celebrate homey activities, especially with the holiday season underway. And in your case, it seems it’s the more the merrier. People could be traveling from far away to be with you at this time of year, and you’ll very much enjoy their company.

In addition, if you’re in need of some self-care and nurturing, this is your chance to get it.

There’s a powerful full moon in Gemini on December 7, and this lunar phase aligns with fiery Mars in your sector of goals and ambitions. Creative issues could come into focus, as could your work/life balance. Because dynamic Mars is also in reverse, you might be having second thoughts about a plan of action or project that has lost its appeal. This is a good time to pause and consider your options.

As the month continues, the emphasis gradually shifts to your leisure and pleasure zone, giving you further reason to get out and enjoy yourself. Chatty Mercury moves in on the sixth, followed by Venus on the ninth and the sun on the twenty-first. You’ll be eager to get out and enjoy yourself and take family and friends along with you.

Your sector of change and rebirth gets a boost on December 20 as uplifting Jupiter moves back into Aries after its short spell in Pisces. You might find that your confidence and vitality increase. The coming months until May 16, 2023, are excellent for initiating projects and plans that can take your life forward.

There’s a super new moon in Capricorn on the twenty-third, so you’ll be perfectly placed to take a relationship to the next level or learn more about a hobby or interest that has captured your attention.

Finally, talkative Mercury turns retrograde on December 29, so be prepared for a few delays.

Love & Romance

Your smart ruler Mercury is visiting the honest Archer during its square to evasive Neptune on December 1, so it will be difficult to get a straight answer out of anyone. And vice versa. You’re not really all that forthcoming either, which makes it difficult to have meaningful conversations.

Quick-moving Mercury partners with steady fellow earth sign Capricorn in your fifth house of creativity on the sixth, so you’re focused on being patient and setting goals. There’s room to use your imagination, but you aren’t interested in leaving anything to chance. If you know what you want, get it secured.

A Mercury-Uranus trine on December 17 could send a lot of unique, interesting and odd people in your direction, which might result in a new friendship or romance. If you’re not in the market for a plus-one, maybe they’re a match for someone you know.

The last Mercury retrograde cycle starts while your smart leader is paired with reliable Capricorn on the twenty-ninth, so you can think your way out of a lot of issues caused by this backward effect. All problems are not created equal, and they definitely aren’t all that they appear to be. Do some fact-checking before you panic.

Career & Work

December starts with you feeling more work-minded than ever, Virgo, because you’re riding the high from the full moon in Gemini on December 7. While you might not be motivated to focus all month, you are happy knowing that you’re in the running for a pending promotion. The caveat is that you might not want to commit to investing all your energy in minimal tasks at the office now that you know that you’re in good standing with your boss.

The new moon in Capricorn on the twenty-third could bring a new job title (but no pay increase) that heightens your public standing and makes you the envy of others, but it might backfire if it causes resentment in your colleagues. Be aware that you’re trading money and the value of your hard work for the opportunity to have a fancy title. Keep that in mind before you agree to a situation that you might come to resent later. Make sure you’re happy with the decision and in control of the details to ensure your prosperity and fulfillment in the workplace.

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