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For The Month Of September 2020

Your ruler Mercury is in your sign to start the month but quickly moves into beauty-loving Libra on September 5. You still value practicality and common sense, but things like manners and appearances are important to you now as well. You expect others to be on time and to say thank you and excuse me whenever it’s appropriate.

There’s a new moon in your critical sign on the seventeenth, so there’s very little you won’t notice. Do you have to comment about every little thing you see that’s wrong? No, not necessarily, but how will improvements be made if you don’t offer constructive criticism? Your hope for the future is based on people listening to your opinions and ideas about how to make things better.

The sun enters Libra as the fall equinox brings an equal balance of daylight and nighttime hours on September 22, which is very fitting given Libra’s quest for equilibrium. As a new season begins, this is your chance to start fresh in many areas of your life. As a goal, work on the delicate balance between work and home life.

You get quieter and more contemplative as Mercury pairs up with secretive Scorpio on the twenty-seventh, but resist the urge to overthink things. Jealousy and suspicion can run rampant now if you don’t let the other person tell their side of the story.

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