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For The Month Of March 2021



The sun’s presence in your relationship sector until March 20, along with sultry Venus, is an opportunity to iron out any wrinkles. If you and your partner, friend, or business associate have had any issues, this is a good time to look more deeply into them and find a compromise that works for both of you.

However, with a focus on the dreamy sign of Pisces, it can also be about defining the relationship and your role within it. This alone could make quite a difference.

Assertive Mars moves into Gemini and your sector of goals and career on the third, putting you on a new and more positive trajectory over the coming weeks.

The new moon in Pisces on March 13 is perfect for a new beginning. Whether you’re ready to make amends or are starting a project or collaboration, this is a chance to take positive steps that can be mutually rewarding.

Chatty Mercury, your ruler, moves into Pisces on the fifteenth and encourages conversation, particularly on those issues that have proven so difficult to resolve.

However, there is a shift as the sun moves into a more intense zone on March 20, followed by sweet Venus the next day. The coming four weeks can be a call to find closure on matters that have been a cause for concern. You might be motivated to act now even if you’ve been procrastinating for some time.

Your desire nature could also ramp up now. If there is something you really want, you might be determined to get it.

Finally, the full moon across your financial axis on the twenty-eighth could find you ready to splurge, perhaps as a way to feel better about certain aspects of your life. Go easy, though, and perhaps consider smaller treats or a pampering session that leaves you happier without costing too much.

Love & Romance

The conjunction between your home planet Mercury and lucky Jupiter on March 4 provides an environment conducive to expanding current love and romance scenarios. The more you learn about love, the better off you’ll be. Keep an open mind and you’ll soon be in a better position than you’ve been in for a long time.

Mercury leaves outgoing Aquarius for soft-spoken Pisces on the fifteenth, so it won’t be as easy to let a current or potential partner know what’s on your mind. You have a hard time putting yourself in a vulnerable position now, which includes expressing your feelings. Trust is earned, not given.

March 21 brings a Mercury-Uranus sextile that helps you get out of a boring routine you’ve been stuck in for a while. Make a commitment to do just one thing that’s different and then step back and take notice of the results. Did it make a positive difference? If so, keep it up!

A Mercury-Mars square on the twenty-third brings stress to a personal relationship, perhaps with someone you’re trying to get to know a little better. If you can’t have an open-minded conversation, it might be best not to talk at all. If you’re in a committed relationship, short tempers can lead to saying or shouting words you don’t really mean. Going to bed angry isn’t advised.

Career & Work

Work relationships go along fine throughout March until the twenty-seventh, when your ruler Mercury opposes the moon. Not only will you have a hard time making sense to others, but you won’t really have a clear hold on what you’re thinking yourself.

You could have a tendency to be overly biased in your opinions of others, so try not to be too judgmental during this transit. If you must negotiate at work on this day, make sure every moment is handled with the utmost care. Quiet reflection is going to be your best bet when it comes to maintaining your cool.

On March 25, the waxing moon moves into the sign of Virgo, bringing with it a more centered and grounded vibe. Your focus shifts to the most practical matters at work, and you have the ability to concentrate now.

The best word for this wonderful feeling of success and accomplishment is “satisfaction,” and you might even find yourself getting ahead on next month's goals if you use this energy well. You could discover better routines, and as the smaller pieces of the puzzle come together, you can get more clarity on the bigger picture. It’s all in the details, Virgo!

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