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For The Month Of March 2021


Creative Streak

Scorpio, the coming weeks are perfect for enjoying life whenever you have the opportunity. And if you have creative talents, this period is helpful for making the most of them. With the sun and Venus in Pisces until March 20 and March 21, respectively, this is a great time to promote yourself. If you’re active on social media, making use of it can be a winner for you.

The new moon is in this same sector on the thirteenth, so this is a great opportunity to kick-start your entrepreneurial efforts and get those first clients.

Plus, with thoughtful Mercury moving into Pisces on March 15, you might feel moved to learn a new skill or hone one you already have. Anything you can do to enhance your chances of success will speed you on your way.

Feisty Mars changes signs on the third, moving into Gemini and a more intense zone for around six weeks. This sector of your chart is associated with shared finances, investments, business matters, deep-seated emotions, and patterns that are hidden from view. Because this area is stirred up, you could have insights into why your money situation or a love relationship isn’t working as well as you’d hoped. Armed with this information, you can begin to make changes.

There is a further shift as the sun moves into Aries and your lifestyle zone on March 20, followed by sweet Venus the next day. This delectable combination can be helpful at work, fostering good relationships with co-workers and your boss and inspiring cooperation all around.

Finally, there’s a full moon in Libra and your spiritual zone on the twenty-eighth, so use this potent lunar phase to consider your workload and current routines. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might gain an understanding of what activities need to go and how best to organize your schedule so that you don’t get stressed or anxious.

Love & Romance

When your passionate ruler Mars pairs up with versatile Gemini on March 3, your romantic interests are all over the place. Your curiosity about someone new intensifies whether you’re currently in a relationship or not. Of course, as one of the most loyal signs, committed Scorpios probably won’t make a move, but there’s nothing wrong with admiring someone from afar.

A positive new moon in kindred emotional water sign Pisces on the thirteenth reminds you to be understanding and empathetic toward others. Is it possible you’ve been too quick to judge your partner or someone you’re just getting to know? Give people the benefit of the doubt until you have concrete evidence that they’ve actually done something wrong.

The sextile between romantic Venus and your co-ruler Pluto on March 18 can give you a one-track mind. Being solely focused on your physical needs can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, but it sure can be fun!

Intense discussions easily turn into arguments during the aggressive Mercury-Mars square on the twenty-third. Work on finding alternative ways to take out your frustrations instead of confronting a partner or lover. Everything isn’t their fault.

Career & Work

You might be surprised by all the genius ideas bouncing around the workplace when Mars, one of your ruling planets, moves into the sign of Gemini on March 3. You aren’t the only one coming up with all the great ideas for once. However, this transit also brings the risk that you’ll easily lose focus, so if you’re on deadline, make sure you’re not getting thrown too far off task.

If you’ve been having any interpersonal issues with a co-worker, this is likely to come up for you in an intense way with the Mars-Chiron quintile on the twenty-third. Trust your intuition on whether or not it’s a good time to try to heal any wounds between the two of you.

However, it’s most likely not the right day because the moon opposes Pluto, your other ruling planet, that day as well. This transit brings out the drama for everyone, and even if you have no problem with anyone you work with, you might suddenly feel like you do. It’s likely just the transit affecting you.

The fact that Pluto is one of your rulers makes this aspect that much more intense for you, so you’re more likely to take things personally and be easily offended at this time. Just lay low at work, if possible, and take some time to write in your journal if you feel a tantrum coming on.

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