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For The Month Of July 2021


Learning and Earning

Scorpio, the sun’s presence in your sector of opportunity and far horizons brings a chance to travel to new places and study. If you’re ready to learn some new skills, you’ll be in your element, especially when chatty Mercury moves into Cancer on July 11. If you want to take your business further or get a promotion, a little extra knowledge and know-how could be a great asset.

And with a new moon in Cancer on the ninth encouraging a fresh start, you might feel a strong urge to take things in a new direction. Whether it’s an opportunity, a trip, or a job overseas, this is your chance to take that leap of faith and move out of your comfort zone.

The first week of the month needs a sensitive touch because fiery Mars opposes sobering Saturn, and both planets link to maverick Uranus. You could be thriving in your job or career, but issues at home, perhaps with a partner or other close one, could act as a brake holding you back. Something needs to shift, but try to avoid making any impulsive moves. 

There is quite an emphasis on your career zone this month, which could propel you into the limelight. You’re ready to fight for any opportunities to be top dog, and your competitive side can give you that extra edge.

You’re in the spotlight when the sun moves into Leo on July 22 for a stay of four weeks. It would be wise to make use of this phase to get yourself noticed for all the right reasons. 

Go easy around the full moon on the twenty-third because emotions could bubble up, and even minor issues could be very triggering. Still, you’ll have a chance to clear the air around any issues that have been a cause of concern.

Finally, when fiery Mars moves into Virgo on July 29, your social life kicks into high gear. It’s about time!

Love & Romance

Your co-ruling planet Mars is partnered with fiery Leo as July, one of the hottest months, begins, which is a good indication of some upcoming steamy nights. Watch out for the Mars-Uranus square on the third, however, because a questionable decision made now could have lifetime repercussions. Spontaneous passionate actions aren’t without consequences.Wise asteroid Pallas floats retrograde in dreamy water sign Pisces on the fourteenth, making you question a lesson you thought you’d learned from a past relationship. Is history destined to repeat itself? Not always, Scorpio. Use that famous willpower to stick with your gut instincts. You know better than to get sucked back into something unhealthy.The energy of quick-witted Mercury in compassionate Cancer opposing deep-thinking Pluto, your other ruler, in smart Capricorn on July 25 gives you a lot to think about—maybe too much, tbh. Your thoughts skip around from one romantic scenario to the next so quickly that you begin to doubt your ability to make sound decisions. Overthinking leads to unnecessary complications. Virgo is the new host of Mars on the twenty-ninth, changing the energy from Leo’s fiery passion to earthy practicality. You still ooze sex appeal, but it’s clear you have much more to offer now. You’re one of the few signs who look this good while doing boring chores!

Career & Work

The last quarter moon in Aries and the opposition between Mars and Saturn retrograde on July 1 bring up a lot of issues that have been buried beneath the surface at work. Matters concerning your colleagues, your boss, and your personal goals could come into focus that day. It isn’t that you don’t want to work hard; you’re more than willing to do that. The question you’re dealing with is more about whether this is the right path for you to pursue and if you want to continue on it in the future. 

As you move through July, you could realize that your colleagues aren’t necessarily the people you want to maintain relationships with outside the office. You might also notice that your boss doesn’t work as hard as you do or give a lot of attention to the needs of others. Things will get better when the sun enters Leo on July 22 and you’re able to relate to your boss on a more personal level. 

The Aquarius full moon on the twenty-third might inspire you to take a leap of faith and ask for a new role, particularly if your current one is becoming stagnant and boring. Odds are you will get your new position when Mars enters Virgo on July 29.

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