Scorpio Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of December 2022


Making More Money

Scorpio, the positive focus on your money zone continues during the first part of this month, until December 21, giving you a chance to boost your income in whatever way feels good. This is a time of giving, and you’ll be feeling generous, but you could overextend yourself if you’re not careful. If you stick to a budget, you won’t run the risk of getting caught short. You’ll be on the receiving end of gifts too, because friends and family want you to know how special you are to them.

There’s one time when you need to be extra careful and that’s during the full moon in Gemini in December 7. You could be faced with a sudden expense or realize the truth about your current money situation. Equally, you might go on a spending spree only to regret it later. This might seem like a backward step, but it can also be a turning point if it encourages you to adopt better ways to manage your money over the long term.

You might also get some lucky breaks that start the cash flowing in and help take the pressure off you at this spendy time of year.

Jupiter’s move into your lifestyle zone on the twentieth brings energy and positivity to this sector. It moves back into Aries, so you could find that your vitality increases and you’re ready to pursue your dreams even if they take you outside your comfort zone.

Your sector of talk and thought is also emphasized as lively Mercury moves in on December 6, followed by Venus on December 9 and the sun on December 21. You’ll get a lot out of connecting with others who share your interests and ideas.

Finally, if you’re ready for a fresh start, the super new moon in Capricorn on the twenty-third is one of the best times to launch a website, product, or service. Don’t waste this opportunity.


Love & Romance

Your strong, unshakable co-leader Mars is retrograde in versatile Gemini to start the month, so you definitely have options when it comes to dealing with the drama and BS surrounding your love life. There’s plenty of it to wade through right now, Scorpio, but take your time. Mapping out a plan before you act will ensure success.

On December 7, a sun-Mars opposition brings out your aggression and uber-competitiveness, which aren’t always conducive to being in a healthy relationship. If a current partner or (potential) date sees these traits in you too often, it will no doubt send up a lot of red flags.

On the ninth, Venus leaves exciting Sagittarius for steady fellow earth sign Capricorn and your fifth house of pleasure, so you’re focused on being patient and having goals, especially in a sexual sense. Needless to say, you prefer slow, deliberate lovemaking sessions to quickies right now.

December 31 brings a magnetic conjunction between Venus, the promoter of love, and your intense co-ruler Pluto that increases your need for emotional closeness. Notice we said “need,” not “want,” because having a completely soul-altering, all-encompassing karmic connection with the person you’re in love with (or crushing on) isn’t optional. If you aren’t feeling it, it probably won’t last much longer.

Career & Work

A raise could be coming your way this month, Scorpio. The only caveat is that you might be too pushy about asking for it, which can be counterproductive to your goal when Mercury enters Capricorn December 6. If you refrain from asking for it during the Gemini new moon on the seventh, you could soon find an email in your in-box detailing the terms of your new agreement and income. Learning to take your feelings in stride and not jump the gun is a life lesson and a professional lesson you’re learning this month.

Once you learn to lean in to your intuition (something you’ll be feeling when Jupiter reenters Aries on December 20) and not second-guess your instincts when it comes to office politics, you’ll be able to better navigate your career. This also means not getting impatient when matters like raises take time to manifest. In fact, it’s a lesson you’ll learn during the new moon in Capricorn on the twenty-third. This will help you become the strong, savvy, and successful businessperson that you are on the inside.

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