Scorpio Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of October 2022


A Rebirth

The sun and convivial Venus are in a private zone as the month begins, Scorpio, so this is the time to tie up loose ends and find closure on lingering issues. This phase, which lasts until October 23, is excellent for letting go of emotional baggage and clearing space for all the opportunities to come once the sun moves into your sign. Use this chance to relax and recharge. You might also find that your dreams are particularly vivid, so it would be a good idea to make a note of those that seem to call out to you.

If you have felt frustrated by the slow pace of events, this could be due to the six retrograde planets at the start of the month. However, chatty Mercury turns direct on the second, followed by radical Pluto on the eighth and cautious Saturn on the twenty-second. Little by little, things will speed up.

Even so, fiery Mars turns retrograde on October 30 and remains so until January 12, 2023, highlighting the need for some adjustments regarding finances and business affairs.

The Aries full moon on the ninth could stir up issues that have been swept under the carpet. It takes place in your lifestyle sector and could coincide with an incident that shakes you up at work or in your everyday life. Still, it’s a chance to clear the air and allow things to get back on track.

On October 23, luscious Venus and the sun move into your sign, and you’ll be in your element. The coming weeks are perfect for focusing on those activities and relationships that are most meaningful to you. It’s time to be a little bit selfish and do the things you want to do without feeling like you have to compromise or water down your intentions.

Finally, with a solar eclipse in your sign on the twenty-fifth, this powerful lunar phase puts you in a new league. If you have a big dream you’re eager to realize, now is the time.

Love & Romance

With your planetary co-ruler Mars in smart Gemini to start the month, you’re turned on by people who are outgoing, intelligent and witty. If you’re looking for a date, air signs are a good match. If you’re already in a relationship with one, the chemistry is amazing.Your deep-feeling co-ruler Pluto leaves its retrograde cycle and goes direct while in hardworking Capricorn on October 8, pushing you to pursue the truth even harder than usual. You might be able to eventually forgive, Scorpio, but it’s doubtful you’ll be able to actually move past something if you feel like the other person isn’t being 100 percent honest.The end of the month is electrified by a ton of Scorpio energy, starting with the partnership of the sun and Venus in your alluring sign on the twenty-third. For the coming month you love to play hard to get, and all types of people are drawn to your mysterious personality and good looks. The new moon and solar eclipse in your penetrating sign on October 25 help you find the underlying cause of things when you use all of the investigative tools you have available. And once you find out the truth about a current partner or crush, you’ll never look at them the same way again.

Career & Work

Life brings you spiritual lessons that you can apply in your career, Scorpio. Maybe you’ve been asking more profound questions of the Universe and are now ready to use what you’ve learned in your business dealings. The sign of the Scorpion is not for the faint of heart, and you were incarnated into this specific existence for a reason.

There’s plenty of feisty energy at the start of the month with a full moon in Aries on October 9. This kicks up your need to let go and get more organized in some capacity. This is a perfect cycle in which to really show the world what you’ve got. And appreciate yourself as the sun enters your sign on the twenty-third, giving you the advantage over your competitors.

The month ends with a powerful solar eclipse in your sign on October 25, showing you how much you are worth. Harness the energy of this new moon. There is no greater delight than the cosmic inspiration you get here. You’re being steadily guided along an incredible path.

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