Cancer : The Fourth Zodiac Sign (Astrology)


Cancer Personality, Characteristics and Traits

What is Cancer and what are things you need to know.

Anyone born between June 21st and July 22nd is under the sign of Cancer, the crab. These individuals are typically the hardest to stereotype out of all of the Zodiac signs. Some of the most annoying and unintelligent people you will ever meet may be a Cancer, while on the other hand your best friend and most reliable confidant may also be a Cancer; that is the nature of this unique sign. A few attributes may be generalized across all Cancer born individuals such as their preference for a comfortable, secure house to live and grow in. They tend to treat their houses as an animal would treat their nest, protecting and upgrading it wherever possible. This is especially true for women born under the sign Cancer as they need to protect their children and loved ones, especially inside of their nest. They also tend to show a preference for having multiple children once their nest is secure and they feel comfortable and safe within their home. They forgo the desire to impress others with their living situation and make it how they prefer instead.

Like the crab, men and women under the Zodiac sign Cancer are outwardly hard and thick-skinned, but inwardly soft and vulnerable. To strangers they will rarely show signs of weakness and often be considered a very tough and rigid person. To their loved ones they are comfortable with, they expose their sensitive sides and are known as being easily upset and overly emotional. While it may sound like a poor combination of traits to have, consider the fact that they blend together well on every day circumstances and tend to attract others with similar characteristics, so it’s rarely seen as unusual or antisocial. What they seem to lack in outward social skills Cancer more than make up for in deep emotional connections with their loved ones. They are sympathetic, empathetic, emotional, caring, intensely loving, and extremely protective of anyone close to them, making for excellent mates and great spouses or parents.

Cancer and Relationships

As explained above, Cancer is a unique mix of outward strength and internal vulnerability. They tend to be romantic and emotional lovers who pay attention to detail when it comes to their partner’s happiness. Fiercely loyal and protective, a Cancer husband or wife will go to the end of the universe and back to ensure the continued happiness and safety of their friends, family, and especially lovers. They tend to be extremely loyal partners due to their overly protective nature and will often stick with their first mate throughout their entire life if possible. They tend to give more than they receive, and often feel undeserving when their lovers go out of their way to do something nice for them.

Health issues with Cancer

Cancer born men and women need to be careful with issues in the chest region, stomach/digestive tract, and reproductive organs; especially in women. Should they have any issue with these regions, it’s advised to speak to a doctor immediately before a minor issue can develop into something more severe.

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