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Read free Capricorn weekly horoscope for the Week 42 of 2021. Week Starting On: October 18 to October 24.


Week 42 of 2021

Week Starting On: October 18 to October 24


This week, you are energized. Capricorn, you're ready to change into your superhero costume.

The week begins on Sunday, October 17, with the sun in Libra, in your house of reputation, making a square to Pluto in your own sign of Capricorn. Today, what you post could be seen by many more people than usual. This may be an exciting prospect, but some caution is needed. This powerful aspect is like trying to control a firehose spurting out water at 150 gallons a minute. It feels like it could lift you off the ground and fling you around. Choose your words carefully and make them uplifting and inspiring. Capricorn, don't be controversial today.

On Tuesday, October 19, Mercury goes direct in Libra. A message from a supervisor finally comes through. Rumors are answered with facts. Now you see what's really going on at your company.

Love & Romance

You are beginning to see your partner for who they truly are and accepting their flaws. The old you would have bailed on the relationship without trying to work things out. You’re now finding that you can both grow cooperatively together as a unit. This will become clear when Mercury ends its retrograde journey on October 18. 

You are understanding that relationships require a lot of work, all of which you were willing to put in. The caveat is that you have to stop reflecting upon the good old days and focus on the situation currently. Yes, we all want to get lost in our dreams and visions of how things were. However, that doesn’t really allow us to live in reality when dealing with matters at hand. 

This week allows you to make a cooperative plan with your partner that will allow you both to grow together as a unit. The level of commitment you have for each other is going to prove to be solid. The one thing that you have to work on is to be easier on your partner, as well as yourself. 

In true Capricorn form, you tend to beat yourself up and to hold onto grudges. Letting it go is going to allow you both to step into a new realm in your partnership which will be amazing and full of sweetness.

Career & Work

It is your week to reflect on professional pitfalls and successes, Capricorn! What will be your main takeaways? 

Starting Monday, October 18, both Mercury and Jupiter are now direct. Post-retrograde, Mercury can help smooth over any unsuccessful plights in your career and achievements. It may be the week where everything gets a little clearer as Mercury can bring back balance to your path. You may find that certain aspects of the retrograde are rather immediately resolved—potentially even publicly too! Next, Jupiter is helping you out in your financial sector. You may begin to notice an increase in cash flow, possibly through a direct raise or even new opportunities that want to pay you for your skills! Jupiter is sure to put any financial stressors at ease. Together, both social planets are about to fortuitously turn your work life around! 

Finally, the full moon in Aries peaks on Wednesday, October 20. The full moon is closing out a cycle in your home and family. This could mark the end of a tumultuous work/life balance or even spending more time focusing on family than work. For some, it could very well represent the end of working remotely from home too!

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