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Read free Capricorn weekly horoscope for the Week 29 of 2021. Week Starting On: July 19 to July 25.


Week 29 of 2021

Week Starting On: July 19 to July 25


Capricorn, a romantic fantasy could become a reality. This week, being willing to listen will be key.

The week begins on Sunday, July 18, with Mars in Leo, in your house of resources, making an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces in your house of agreements. This is difficult energy for signing an agreement or giving the final approval on a contract. If you have been thinking about buying a car or signing a purchase and sales agreement for a condo, know that there could be difficulties today. It would be great to wait until later in the week to deal with legal matters. If you must sign, read every provision carefully and see if you can negotiate the points that are not to your liking.

On Monday, July 19, Mercury in Cancer, in your house of relationships, makes a square to Chiron in your house of home and family. A family member may come to you and ask for forgiveness. There could have been a period of estrangement, or perhaps they just stepped on your toe moments ago. Their request is sincere, and you have an opportunity to heal a wound today.

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Love & Romance

You may feel somewhat concerned that you’re giving too much of yourself away this week. As Mercury in your relationship sector squares off with Chiron in your protective fourth house on July 19, you may fear getting too emotionally involved and letting someone in too deeply. However, romance blossoms whether you’re ready or not, and on July 20, Mercury will sextile Uranus in your passionate fifth house, tapping into desires you may not have known were there.

As Venus blasts through your adventurous ninth house on July 21, your love life is about to get even more exciting. This will encourage you to have an open mind about what love can be; to embrace spontaneous opportunities to have fun and experience new things together. As Venus opposes Jupiter in your intelligent third house on July 22, you may feel titillated by intellectual connection with your lover. Learning things together and be quite a turn-on.

Communicating with your lover will feel especially dreamy by July 24. As Mercury forms a trine with Neptune in your talkative third house, it will be a beautiful time to have healing conversations and get to know each other on the deepest of levels. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to answer them.

Career & Work

Working with someone through a partnership could really help get the creative juices flowing this week. After all, on July 20, Mercury in your relationship sector will sextile Uranus in your artistic fifth house. If you’re feeling stagnant or uninspired, asking a colleague to work with you and bounce ideas with you could truly make a difference.

By July 22, you may be thinking more carefully about how you manage and invest your finances. With the sun now intensifying things in your transformative eighth house, the cosmos is encouraging you to detach from financially draining endeavors and commit to endeavors with much more promise. However, July 22 is also when Venus in your philosophical ninth house will oppose Jupiter in your intellectual third house, which could spark your desire for knowledge and truth. There’s always room for growth.

The full moon on July 23 may leave you with an even more profound understanding of the financial goals you’re ready to set. Taking place in your money-oriented second house, this full moon may lead to revelations regarding your relationship with money and how you can continue to increase your income. If you’ve been working hard, this full moon may even lead to a gratifying payday.

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