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Read free Capricorn weekly horoscope for the Week 13 of 2021. Week Starting On: March 29 to April 04.


Week 13 of 2021

Week Starting On: March 29 to April 04


Capricorn, this week, doors open easily for you the first time you knock.

The week begins on Sunday, March 28, with the full moon in Libra lighting up your house of career. For the next two weeks, you are very noticeable in almost everything you do. This could include things like the actions you take in your job, as well as what you're putting out on social media. Something you say could go viral. You'll want to keep that in mind if you are thinking of posting anything controversial.

On Monday, March 29, Mercury in Pisces, in your house of communication, forms a conjunction with foggy Neptune. Today, communications may not be as clear as you would like. Check emails twice before sending and be wary of autocorrect when you're doing your texts. This also means you may not understand what other people are trying to convey to you. So, before you assume that your sweetheart has criticized you, check again.

Love & Romance

The full moon of March 28 falls within the zodiac sign of Libra, Capricorn. This means that at this time the collective will be especially focused on matters of relationships, partnership, and commitments. Now would be an excellent time to take a step back to assess your current rapport and how equal it is. Communicating your needs should come easier now, as harmony and balance will be the natural order.

If you are still not yet in the relationship of your dreams, consider what your past ones taught you and how you can find one that truly mirrors you. Ultimately, this full moon is about dancing in rhythm with a twin flame.

On March 29, Mercury and Neptune will form a conjunction, intensifying your sensitivity and empathy. If you have something important you’ve been mulling over and would like to say, open your heart and express it now.

Next, goddess Venus will reach out to Saturn and link in a sweet sextile on March 30. This will fuel your hunger for stable companionship. This is often your natural mode, so if you have someone already, you’ll be able to grow closer. If single, set up a date with someone who is mature and that you respect.

Career & Work

This week begins with a major turning point for your career. On March 28, the full moon in Libra will rise in your tenth house of social status, which may evoke a change in your career that means it’s headed in a different direction. You may be realizing that you’ve outgrown a certain aspect of your work. Take charge of your life, and remember: You are the authority here.

However, as your career moves in another direction, it might spark uncomfortable shifts in your life. On March 29, you might feel the intensity of these shifts as the Libra moon squares off with Pluto in Capricorn, encouraging you to sacrifice one part of your life in favor of greater success. Embrace the process of rebirth. By April 2, you may feel ready to talk about what’s coming next and learn more about this new aspect of your career as Mercury in your intelligent third house forms a sextile with Pluto. Change may be uncomfortable, but it’s so much better than being stagnant.

This week ends with so much productive energy supporting you. On April 3, the Capricorn moon will trine Uranus in your sixth house of work. This is giving you the motivation to get back to the basics and follow steps that will eventually lead you to success.

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