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Tuesday - June 28, 2022


Investing in your professional success will bring a sense of peace to your psyche today, dear Cancer, as Venus shares a supportive connection to auspicious Jupiter. This cosmic climate can help you reach your career goals, but you'll need to have patience for the process, take a few chances, and believe you're worthy. A spiritual energy will fill the air this evening when the new moon manifests under your sign, making it the perfect time to wish upon a star. This cosmic climate will also give you permission to put yourself first, especially if you have a habit of catering to others.


Happy new moon, Cancer. This one's got your name on it, and you're making more progress than you realize. Although, in addition to the sun and moon joining forces in your sign, Venus will harmonize with lucky Jupiter, which, in turn, inspires and motivates you, both mentally and spiritually. Some of you may be crushing on someone who's either older than you or perhaps in a professional field that inspires you. And though this is a love and romance horoscope, the truth is that many of you will likely harness the new moon energy for career matters. The ball's in your court.

Dating: You need to spend some time thinking seriously about romance. Sure, there's more interesting ways to spend your time, but you're just about due for an opportunity you can't afford to miss.


What do you want to do differently, Cancer? Now is the time to begin working on your appearance, demeanor, and general professionalism as the new moon in your sign begins a new cycle in identity. You can become whatever kind of professional you aspire to be throughout these next six months! As this is going on, Neptune will also station retrograde in Pisces. Your journey in self-discovery will also coincide with Neptune retrograde’s unveiling of your professional development. Neptune retrograde will encourage introspection as you consider what you need to change in your professional development.

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