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Saturday - September 16, 2023


Finding your footing this morning could be a small struggle, dear Cancer, as the Scorpio moon squares off with Mars. Luckily, Saturn will step in to help you reclaim your center, though you may need to tap into your higher power in order to find the present. Try to find some quiet time this afternoon when the sun and moon form an unbalanced aspect, looking for ways to nurture your personal interests and hobbies. An auspicious energy will settle upon the collective this evening when Jupiter crosses over the North Node, and exploring your community could lead to new friendships.


Recent months have brought you newfound energy to navigate, Cancer. This is because the Great Taskmaster planet, mighty Saturn, has been spinning forth in the heavens for your water sign. This sector of your sky is known as your solar ninth house of expansion. Saturn can give tough love, but he presently is in a delightful angle known as a trine. He teaches us our most important life lessons, and recently he has been encouraging you to think outside the box and build the life of your dreams. When it comes to your personal and romantic life, this is a period where you and a significant other or new sweetheart may see eye-to-eye about dedication to spirituality or a desire to travel to vast, international locations.

Dating: If you're seeing someone, they may be having an effect on your personal life. This isn't the time to make any big decisions, but you should pay attention and try to make the best of it.


Take off, Cancer! It is now or never to pursue your professional aspirations when Jupiter in Taurus conjuncts the North Node in Taurus today. You might have stalled following your dreams for one reason or another for quite some time now. Instead of waiting any longer, the conjunction is your cosmic encouragement to make some tangible progress. Perhaps this starts with shooting off a few cold emails to see what is out there or maybe agreeing to attend a networking event to meet new people. Regardless of how you do it, use the conjunction to dive into your goals!

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