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Thursday - January 28, 2021


You might think you're seeing double today. Your eyes could be playing some serious tricks on you, especially when they are trained on someone whose opinions you value highly. Wanting to believe something is true isn't the same thing as making something true, so be sure to look at people with a clear, critical eye. You need to be able to admit to the truth when you see it and act accordingly. If you learn something new and wait too long to act on it, the truth has gone to waste.


Flirt: If you go out tonight, you still need to deal with a jerky person. It may even all be in your mind as you replay recent events, but one way or another, you should come out ahead.

Singles: This is a good time to download a new dating app. You can't meet your next great love if you don't put yourself out there at least a little bit!

Couples: Hard work has brought you and your significant other to this point. Isn't it about time you celebrated how much you've achieved? Don't write off your efforts. Learn to celebrate your joint and individual accomplishments.


The entire world is all about money it seems, and that depresses you today. You're usually right in the mud pit with the best of them, but somehow you prefer intellectual or emotional matters over financial ones. Block out the rest of the world and indulge.


Your energy is better spent in collaboration than on solo projects, so work as part of a group if possible. Better yet, you may be able to handle multiple customers at the same time.


Give yourself a late (or early) birthday present -- it can be almost anything. Buy yourself a new toy or let yourself off the hook for something. Whatever it is, make it snappy.

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