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Friday - July 30, 2021


Be especially mindful of your finances today, Cancer. You’re liable to be trigger-happy when it comes to online shopping and overextending yourself, as excitable Mars opposes go-big-or-go-home Jupiter. This aspect can also spark unhealed tensions on the intimacy front. Mars also plows forward into capable Virgo today, where it works to enhance mental energy and get your story told, now through September 14.


Stop overthinking it, Cancer. Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, charm, and sensuality, continues to dazzle your curious third house of thought process, communication, and immediate community—caramelizing and harmonizing everything from your conversations, to your lusty daydreams. And though you're prone to getting caught up in the logistics of it all, the vibes feel sweeter than sweet. On a more challenging note, however, Luna will continue traveling alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, and face off with Pluto retrograde via your committed seventh house of significant others and one-on-one connections. Don't try to take control of the situation; this could be blocking your happiness. 

Dating: No clearance rack for you today -- you deserve the best of everything and you deserve to show off what you've got. As long as you can afford it, you can flaunt it. The world is your runway.


Major opportunities for financial gain may manifest today, Cancer. As mighty Mars sizzles through your solar second house of money and syncs in an opposition with majestic Jupiter in your solar eighth house of assets, you could find that you are flush right now! A windfall come arrive—perhaps even hitting the jackpot! Today is an excellent one to sign a contract, particularly one involving royalties, bonuses, commissions, or sales. From this day forward, you could very well find that the universe rains wealth down upon you. Also, if you’ve been up for a renegotiation with your boss or company regarding your benefits, exciting news could arrive today.

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