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Wednesday - March 06, 2024


The moon continues its journey through your sign, dearest Capricorn, forming a sweet connection with chatty Mercury. Use this energy to stand on your soapbox, especially if doing so can further your personal goals or solidify friendships. Allow your mind to wander when Neptune stirs this afternoon, opening yourself up to creative inspiration. You'll feel motivated to cultivate stability when Mars and Chiron align. However, you should be mindful to base these parameters around your own expectations and not how you were brought up. Luna migrates into Aquarius this evening, heightening your senses and overall gratitude, while Pluto activates to offer empowerment.


A wildfire of rocky energy could be consuming the rest of your week, Capricorn. An incredibly intense cosmic alignment will take place over the coming days as mighty Mars, the red planet of sex and passion, continues to launch a fury of energy in a square against electric Uranus, orbiting in your solar fifth house of true love, dating, and romance. For some Capricorns, this could bring challenges in your love life, especially if your intimate needs are not being met or your partner is feeling like you’re pushing them away. Yet, for others, this could bring exhilarating passion, fun, and adventure—especially if you’re open to some tantric or kinky exploration!

Dating: Don't be afraid to take a risk if you have the option. You're usually more comfortable dealing with facts and figures, but somebody has offered you a more emotional way of thinking.


Something in your home life or childhood might encourage you to work hard, Capricorn. You may have something from your personal life that could become your financial motivation when Mars in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries. The sextile could encourage you to turn something painful into something that helps you advance in your financial goals. You may even become more open-minded to taking a risk with new financial endeavors and opportunities to make money. A deep desire to improve your home and personal life will help you reach your financial goals!

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