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Tuesday - September 29, 2020


You're going to finally see some very exciting results from your latest project. Your plans are working and working well! So well, in fact, that you might have some free time to spend on yourself in whatever manner you see fit. Do you feel like streaming some movies? Go for it! Taking a nap before dinner? Do it. There is a growing sense of freedom in your life, and the best way to encourage it to continue is to take advantage of it.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Focus on your home today. That could mean battling the landlord over repairs, cleaning the kitchen or just hanging out with your housemates, but you have the right kind of energy for all of it.

Singles: What gives with a recent date? Who knows? You're not a mind reader, and you have your own life to lead. The fact is you just can't know everything that's going on with someone else.

Couples: True grit is what you need to get past the latest obstacle in your relationship. With some discipline and self-confidence, you're already halfway to solving the problem.

Finance Horoscope

The more you plan ahead, the more money you'll save. Give yourself the day to get into all the details. Nothing is too small or too inexpensive to be missed by your fine toothed comb.

Business Horoscope

You know how helping others is really helping yourself? That goes for your health, too. Getting a co-worker to go for a walk is the perfect excuse for you, too, and a good way to trim the lunch budget.

Teen Horoscope

You're having quite a day today, though it could be up or down, depending on random circumstances. Your energy levels may rise and fall on their own as well, so get ready for a bumpy ride!

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