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Wednesday - July 28, 2021


Tuesday’s skies skew reality, Capricorn. The ethereal Pisces moon merges with dreamy Neptune, making it hard to focus on the here and now. Use this powerfully inspired energy to work on creative projects that require mental stamina, rather than work on projects requiring a practical, down-to-earth outlook. Elsewhere, Mercury slips into self-centered Leo, directing your mental energy towards intimate partnerships, from now through August 11.


You're notorious for being pragmatic and quite ruthless, but can you resist your sweetheart, Capricorn? The moon continues to roam through your curious third house of communication, thought process, and immediate surroundings, highlighting the compassion—or lack thereof—stemming from your general exchanges. Keep in mind, the moon rules your relationship sector, and it will be joining forces with elusive Neptune. This will, in turn, present you with the opportunity to bond with your lover, and perhaps tame the ego a bit. Luna will also trine Mercury in your relationship sector, so significant conversations are almost inevitable. Be gentle with yourself and your person. 

Dating: You're probably not usually an early adopter, but sometimes you see something so cool you can't possibly pass it up, even if it hasn't been fully tested. Now is the time.


Energetic Mercury is parading onward in the sky, Capricorn. As he shifts into yet another partnership-focused place in your chart (your solar eighth house of shared assets), you’ll be reviewing the give-and-take in your business partnerships. You could find that your associates have some exciting ideas and are able to bring more to the table—possibly even financially. If you’ve instead been flying freelance but are looking for outside resources in order to build your business plans (such loans, credits, or investment), Mercury’s rays will aid you moving forward. Figure out your plan and set forth to connect with the right individuals.

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