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Wednesday - November 25, 2020


All the self-discipline you've imposed on yourself could start to pay off in a big way now. There's an impressive finish line looming, and you'll most likely cross it by the end of the day! Get ready for some impressive people to come out of the woodwork to offer congratulations. They had more faith in you that you had in yourself, so be sure to thank them for all the support. Turn your focus to money issues now, and you'll conquer those, too.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: If you live alone, you are probably fine today -- but if not, watch out for folks mooching your stuff or (worse, maybe) leaving bills unpaid. Sharing is caring, and it seems they don't care any more.

Singles: Money is on your mind right now, and you could be trying to figure out what role it plays in your love life, or whether it should play any role at all! It's certainly worth your time.

Couples: The stars are shining their best light on you now, meaning you're looking better than ever to your partner. Why not go over the top and sweep 'em off their feet with a romantic gesture?

Finance Horoscope

Of all the challenges you face, having a day of rest is the hardest for you. It takes a strong authority figure to make you stop focusing your energy on money -- you. Force yourself.

Business Horoscope

Confusing items are piling up. You can feel smothered by them or you can turn them into a bonfire. Strike a match and see what the heap is made of. It's high time you started to get a grip!

Teen Horoscope

Try not to worry too much about the problems that pop up today. Sure, they're worth dealing with -- and soon -- but you have what it takes, or at least know who to ask to help you out.

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