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Thursday - September 14, 2023


The day will kick off with business as usual, dearest Capricorn, as the Libra moon pushes you to tend to your responsibilities. It'll be difficult for others to impress you this afternoon when Luna forms an unbalanced aspect to Mercury, though voicing a lack of approval could land you in hot water with your colleagues and peers. Check in with your emotions this evening as Luna and Chiron face off, especially if you're feeling irritable. A restless energy will manifest this evening when the moon and Uranus align, and you may need to take extra steps in order to wind down after work. 


The cosmos swirl amidst the clouds, Capricorn. The moon’s power always gives us insight into the emotional atmosphere of the day. Today, as she dances through Libra, there will be a collective focus and sensitivity around relationship and partnership issues. This is a great moment for teamwork, especially when it comes to your significant other and asking for their support in regards to helping you reach your career goals. After work, be sure to unplug and enjoy some time with your one-and-only. If single, schedule a Facetime or Zoom date with someone who seems to possess romantic chemistry with you.

Dating: You need to stand up for yourself and maybe some other people at some point today. It's a matter of principle, and you won't be cool with things if they keep going the same direction.


Work is going relatively well today, Capricorn. You may feel like your usual daily work operations are allowing you to balance everything that you want to pursue in your career path as the moon in Libra trines the sun in Gemini. The airy trine will help you feel more mentally at ease with your work life. However, it might be your personal matters that need tending to since the moon will oppose Chiron in Aries. If work is going well, do not be afraid to focus on personal matters today. 

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