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Sunday - May 15, 2022


Try to get a meditation session in when you wake up this morning, dear Scorpio, or you could begin the day feeling chaotic and out of sorts, thanks to a harsh opposition between the moon and unpredictable Uranus. These rocky vibes will continue throughout the day as Luna gears up for the full moon eclipse this evening. This lunar event could inspire you to implement huge life changes as the sun and moon align with the nodes of fate. While it will be important to listen to your heart and intuition, you may want to wait on executing these shifts until the energy has had a chance to settle. 


You're a key player in the current astrology. And well, you're doing amazing, sweetie! In all seriousness, Scorpio, tomorrow's total lunar eclipse will be on for the books, so if you're feeling more emotional than usual, don't be discouraged. Confront your shadow side, and befriend the skeletons in your closet. Your mystery is part of your charm, and your soul mate will love you exactly as you are. Having said that, today's Venus-Chiron conjunction is reminding you to be gentle with yourself, especially those of your over-extending yourself for the sake of a romantic partnership. Make sure you're tending to your wellbeing first and foremost.  

Dating: It's as if the light bulb finally clicked on over your head and you can see exactly where you want to go next with your life. It's a big thrill but also a big challenge, and you're more than up for it.


Scorpio, you may have to make some sacrifices and cuts to achieve your desired work-life balance. As the sun in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius today, you may feel like your professional and personal commitments are equally demanding, which can be somewhat overwhelming. You could do it all, but at what cost? Use this square to mediate your schedule so that you can achieve what you need to but not overextend yourself in the process. Luckily, you may be able to go about this optimistically, as the sun also sextiles Neptune in Pisces. 

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