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Sunday - October 02, 2022


Give yourself permission to celebrate when you awaken today, dear Scorpio, as Mercury concludes its third retrograde of 2022. You can expect the vibe to feel easier within your social sphere, though the occasional shock wave could manifest between now and October 16. Meanwhile, the moon makes its way through Capricorn and the sector of your chart that governs communication, bringing a directness to your voice. Just try not to abandon your grace when addressing other people, or you could find yourself in a conflict you weren't anticipating, especially when the sun and moon square off this evening. 


You may feel like you’re yawning a million times today, Scorpio. In fact, you may even feel like you can’t get out of bed! This is because we are experiencing a pivotal turning point in the Mercury retrograde phase—the storm! This happens every time our cosmic messenger turns direction, whether that’s backward or forwards. Even though this is a blessing in disguise, it is still mildly uncomfortable as we feel like nothing is moving. That’s because Mercury isn’t moving. Rest assured that better days will lie ahead. Just get through this one and you’ll be on the other side.

Dating: Little stuff is going wrong around your group of friends, and it might drive you crazy. If you can flee, go ahead and find somewhere to hide out for a while. The madness can't keep going on and on!


Slow your roll, Scorpio. Life has been a bit crazy while Mercury retrograde caused issues with your networking, events, work friends, technology, and subconscious outlook over the last few weeks. If you have been waiting for your break, then it will come today as Mercury is stationing direct in Virgo. Before you jump back into the fray, it might be best to use direct Mercury to organize your schedule and social media platforms for work. Go through your calendar, messages, and more to ensure everything is in tip-top shape before forging forward.

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