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Thursday - September 14, 2023


Your emotional intelligence will skyrocket throughout the coming weeks, dear Scorpio, as the sun enters Aquarius and your solar fourth house. Though you're one of the more perceptive members of the zodiac, this solar placement will allow you to detect behaviors you were once oblivious to. An exciting and flirtatious energy will find you later in the evening when the Capricorn moon aligns with Uranus, and you may learn of a new secret admirer. If you're currently in a relationship, these vibes are perfect for shaking up the routine with your sweetheart, marking the perfect excuse for an impromptu date night! 


Today, the sun soars into a fellow fixed sign, Scorpio. Our mighty luminary ignites the skies of Aquarius, officially announcing the arrival of this zodiac sign. During Aquarius season, you could feel a little bit of friction, as the sun is square to you, meaning that it’s not the easiest vibration to navigate. Yet, the best thing about this zodiac season is that you’ll have more options to socialize and meet new people. If single, this means you could align with unique, exotic options that could enlighten and inspire you to the core of your being. Don’t sell yourself short!

Dating: Neighbors and housemates are suddenly obnoxious, and you can't imagine how you're supposed to deal with them all. Now is a good time to let them know you'd rather just get along.


Get comfortable with a work-life balance that works for you, Scorpio. Put your needs first when the sun enters Aquarius. Your schedule will become a major focal point in Aquarius season since you will need to take a hard look at what will help you manage your career and personal life. Although you can be quite stubborn due to your fixed nature, the quirky Aquarius energy might be just what you need to get comfortable with making the necessary changes to have a more unique work-life balance. Be honest with yourself and you will see a notable difference!

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