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Monday - September 28, 2020


You can't ever anticipate how other people will react, but that's especially true now. There is a high probability that someone at some time will overreact, including you. But you shouldn't try to modify your behavior in order to avoid it because you'll only end up stressing yourself out. Just carry on as you normally would and deal with any emotional outbursts as they come. And if you're the one who blows your cool, just make sure you're quick with the damage control.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Your mental energy is almost frighteningly strong today, and you should be able to tackle almost any problem that comes your way. Lend a hand to a friend who's flailing.

Singles: Your instincts are good now, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Exercise your emotional intelligence and your intuition about people to reach a fuller understanding.

Couples: Share your vision for your future with your partner today. You might be surprised by how well your ideas already line up. If any major differences emerge, be open to hearing what they have in mind.

Finance Horoscope

Your ego is your boss and it's become a big problem. But that's just a cover for a thought you are desperate not to acknowledge. Is it that hard to imagine you were riding high out of sheer luck?

Business Horoscope

You just won't be able to walk in lockstep now. Getting along with co-workers is important, but so is independent action. Go out on your own. You can rejoin the flock when you're ready.

Teen Horoscope

Let people do whatever they're going to do anyway -- there's no way to control them, and if you let go, you'll end up feeling lots better about the way things are going in your life.

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