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Tuesday - January 19, 2021


Be careful with money matters now. It will be easy for others to take advantage of you if they know how soft your heart is and how much you care about other people. Before you sign anything, anything at all, have someone you know and love look it over for you, and don't let your heart sway your mind. Your friendship is the best gift of all.


Flirt: Everyone's got an ego -- even you. Today is a really good time for you to slow down, and try to get over the silliness that went down earlier. You know perfectly well that it doesn't really matter.

Singles: Do you mean exactly what you're about to say? A fleeting feeling may be powerful, but expressing it definitively could have unintended consequences. Use a bit of restraint for the time being.

Couples: With the energy the stars are sending you, you're one half of a very productive pair. Lay out your plans together and get going on a tandem project. That feeling of accomplishment may be rather hot!


Money is elusive, but that only makes you want it more. You're being caught up in a game of cat and mouse. Once you're aware of the real dynamics of the situation, you can laugh at your own misguided goals and desires.


Why hold back? Shrewdness, self-control, business savvy, you have it all and you've used it all. Now your acumen and the stars line up, making it an excellent day to sign.


You're facing a bigger challenge than you're used to -- but that just means you have to draw on reserves of strength nobody knows you have. Push harder and wait for your time to really shine.

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