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For the Year 2022


As a gentle, compassionate, mutable water sign who typically adapts well to change, 2022 could still be a bit of a challenging year, Pisces. There will be some ups and downs, of course, and some bigger events that will test your ability to remain calm and perhaps force you to face reality more than you'd like. You have many coping mechanisms available, however, so the cosmic interference you'll have to deal with this year may slow you down, but it shouldn't come close to stopping you!

As a distant outer planet, your ruler Neptune isn't always a major part of every forecast, but for you, it plays a major role. Its cosmic consciousness is a source of daily creativity and spirituality for you, and because it's traveling in your idealistic sign all year, it will keep you from facing some of life's harsher realities. However, be aware of Neptune's retrograde cycle from the end of June through the end of the year, when an increased desire to daydream and avoid reality could lead to hiding, procrastination, and indecision that causes real problems.

As always, a time of year to look forward to is your birthday month, when the sun travels through your creative sign from the end of February to the end of March. There will be plenty of dreamy ways to celebrate, Pisces, and as long as your special day is filled with dreaming, magic, and romance, you'll be a very happy Fish!

Saturn, the stern teacher of the universe, also has some very interesting lessons in store for you this year as it spends its time accompanied by unpredictable, offbeat Aquarius. As a mutable sign, you might just be open to some of the changes it suggests and strange opportunities it presents. You also very much feel the humanitarian vibe coming from this duo, so helping others will be high on your list of things to do in 2022.

Love & Romance

You're a dreamer and a romantic, but because you tend to overidealize love, you're often left disillusioned and disappointed by your romantic experiences. This year, however, you can find a healthy balance that can help you thrive when it comes to finding and keeping love in your life.

With your dreamy ruler Neptune both direct and retrograde for equal amounts of time in your romantic sign all year, Pisces, your love life can be a bit of an up-and-down emotional experience. You can have an overwhelmingly positive outlook on finding love at times this year (mostly when you're in that blissfully ignorant state), but when you have to face reality, the disappointment can be unbearable. Reaching that desirable middle ground between hope and healthy realism should be your goal when it comes to this illusionary transit.

An excellent time to work on achieving that all-important balance is when the sun enters relationship-driven Libra at the end of September and stays there until the end of October. When you look for love during this time, you're willing to make compromises in most romantic scenarios, and your flexibility is a big plus.

Career & Work

You're a dreamer, Pisces, but just because you love to spend your days this year thinking about ideal (and perhaps unobtainable) career scenarios, that doesn't mean you can't get the job done when you need to. As a mutable water sign, your intuitive thoughts can lead you toward a solid career path in 2022.

Remember that tenacious Saturn is working on giving you some shake-ups in your career sector as it partners with quirky Aquarius all year, which can be great (and yes, Pisces, a touch scary) for you. Testing the waters of new opportunities can lead you down some very lucrative pathways. While keeping an open mind isn't always your biggest strength, doing so this year can help you find your true calling.

The aggressive combo of powerful Mars in motivated Aries between the end of May and the start of July amps you up and gives you drive and determination galore. If you're set on reaching a certain career goal, you're going to really push toward it now. Your competitive spirit when powerful Mars is in the forceful sign it rules might surprise the people you work with and for, which is exactly what you need to get the upper hand.

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