Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Card Meanings: A Complete Tarot Meaning List. Learn the 78 fortune-telling tarot meanings of cards to interpret better and accurately.

Tarot Card Meanings

The real meaning of Tarot Cards


What lies in tomorrow never cease to fascinate people's minds. It could be out of fear or sheer curiosity but through the use of Tarot cards, they say that the reader may unfold the future before your very eyes. The results, of course, are based on the reader's interpretations of the card's characters. You can either be a strong believer or just someone who's interested to see how it's done. But, do you know what the real meaning of the Tarot is?

Up to this very day, there's been endless debate as to where these Tarot cards were invented. They say that Tarot reading was inspired by an Egyptian deity known as Thoth. Others have also mentioned a card maker from Taraux, a small French settlement, where the first Tarot cards were said to be made. However, there remains no single truth as to where these cards have come from.

But as much the characters of Tarot cards and their interpretations can amuse anyone, there's so much to tell about the meaning of Tarot itself. An interesting story suggests that Tarot originated from "Torah" a Hebrew term which means law or law giver. The term itself was identified with the eleventh card in the deck known as Justice. Another theory says that it came from "Tarosh" an Egyptian word known as the royal way.

If you're familiar with the Latin word, "Rota" which refers to the wheel, then you probably have an idea of how Tarot was linked to the Wheel of Fortune and Justice cards. However, the real meaning of the Tarot was also traced to the Taro River in Northern Italy, where a Franciscan friar delivered a sermon with citation to the Tarot cards.

Still, some would disagree and say that "Taru" a Hindu word for cards, has a more direct reference to Tarot, while others also believe that "Troa" a Hebrew term for a gate, and "Tares" which means dot border, could actually be the roots of this word.

Whichever of these theories you choose to believe in, perhaps, its the mystery behind the Tarot's real meaning that continues to stir the interest of people who are drawn to fortune-telling.

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