Six of Wands Tarot Meaning (Minor Arcana Card)

Six of Wands

Six of Wands shows a man returning from battle with victory. The make rider has a laurel wreath on his head, indicating royalty. He is holding a wand in one hand and controlling the reins in the other hand.

This card represents a resolution of an issue, with the results being great gains of either an emotional and materialistic nature (including increasing finances).

Six of Wands General Meaning

If you do not feel close to victory now, know that it is on its way, provided you are doing all you can to make it happen. The victory of this card does not have to involve beating someone else. You can triumph over yourself, the environment, or the odds. Pride is an important ingredient of success, but too much pride can lead to arrogance and an over-inflated ego. When you see this card, check that you are not feeling superior to others.

Upright Meaning: What this upright card means?

Six of Wands in Upright position, this card has the following meanings:

Reversed Meaning: What this reverse card means?

Six of Wands in Reversed position, this card has the following meanings:

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