Four of Pentacles Tarot Meaning (Minor Arcana Card)

Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles shows a ruler who is very attached to his Pentacles, wearing them on his feet and head and holding one in his hands. This man is unlikely to let go of his money and possessions, which he has worked hard to attain and he is proud of what he has attained.

This is the card of the King of Midas, who hoarded his money, gold and possessions, who didn't want to share it with anyone.

This card represents the need to consider the other areas of life equally with the need to feel financially stable.

Four of Pentacles General Meaning

The Four of Pentacles advises you to be aware when you are being driven by materialism, greed or avarice. Look at what there is in your life that brings out a needy, grasping side of your personality. You are more important than that. You can and should be a self-contained, whole person, in control of your life. Ask yourself if the things you crave will bring you true happiness and try to remember what is really important.

Upright Meaning: What this upright card means?

Four of Pentacles in Upright position, this card has the following meanings:

Reversed Meaning: What this reverse card means?

Four of Pentacles in Reversed position, this card has the following meanings:

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