The Tower Tarot Meaning (Major Arcana Card)

The Tower

The Tower: This card shows a tower that has been set on fire by a lightning strike. There are people falling out of the tower down to an unknown destiny. It is a card of disruptions, setback and destruction.

This card represents sudden and unexpected changes that will affect us in a profound way.

The card tells us that this is a time to start things over and rebuild our lives.

The Tower General Meaning

The Tower advises you to be prepared for and welcome dramatic changes in your circumstances. Much of our human suffering comes from a resistance to change, which is unfortunate as change is the only certainty in life. If you can be adaptable and try to see the positive side to changes in your circumstances you will be much more likely to find inner peace.

Upright Meaning: What this upright card means?

The Tower in Upright position, this card has the following meanings:

Reversed Meaning: What this reverse card means?

The Tower in Reversed position, this card has the following meanings:

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