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The Sun

The Sun

Monday 24th of June 2024

The Sun: This card shows a young child sitting on a horse with some sunflowers raised towards the large sun. The sunflowers represent the four suits of the Tarot (and relate to the four elements).

This card represents the light of the higher self. It is also the life-force of the Earth. This card shows a time of safety after a period of stress and pressure. Health improves and so does the spirit.

This card shows us that all is right with our world and our future looks great.

The Sun General Meaning

The presence of The Sun advises you that what you need at this time is understanding. Once you can see your situation for what it is you will easily be able to act in a more enlightened way. This card's appearance may indicate a time for making important decisions, as its light can give you insight and illumination. It could, however, be a time for research, in order to gain greater knowledge on which to base these decisions.

Upright Meaning: What this upright card means?

The Sun in Upright position, this card has the following meanings:

Reversed Meaning: What this reverse card means?

The Sun in Reversed position, this card has the following meanings:

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