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The Heart's Desire Numbers


Number One heart number is confident, strong and a leader. No matter how you feel and express yourself on the outside, on the inner side,...

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Number Two heart number is sincere, considerate and kind. You have a finesse and refinement o the soul and when you are being totally true...

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Number Three heart number is a romantic dreamer, who prefers fantasy land to reality. You have an excellent imagination, are very romantic and inspired and...

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Number Four heart number is practical and organised. You have an appreciation of the law and order, of morals and everything in its place so...

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Number Five heart number is enthusiastic and expressive. You are really interested in knowing what is going on in the world and really want to...

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Number Six heart number is loyal and altruistic idealist. You have a need to make your mark on the world, to do good for humanity....

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Number Seven heart number is discrimination and strives for the best. You really want the best that life has to offer. You aim for perfection,...

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Number Eight heart number is very ambitious. You have such a drive and hunger to succeed and are not happy unless you make your dreams...

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Number Nine heart number is compassionate and impressionable. You want harmony and beauty in your life. You feel the burden of humanity and would like...

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Number Eleven heart number is philosophical in nature. You are wise beyond your years (even if you are still quite young) and people look to...

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Number Twenty-Two heart number wants to create a lasting impression on the world. You have a desire to really make your mark on the world...

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