Heart Number Five (5) (Numerology)


Heart Number Five Meaning & Traits

Number Five heart number is enthusiastic and expressive. You are really interested in knowing what is going on in the world and really want to be part of it all.

You have a strong desire to express yourself and will join any group to do so. You like to have your say on any topic that interest you in any public forum.

You want excitement and novelty in your life, everyday existence bores you to tears. You need to find new and stimulating activities and experiences all the time and you do not want anyone or anything to limit you in any way. This means that you are restless and very independent.

You do well in a job that allows you great levels of autonomy and makes it easy for you to have complete freedom and a variety of tasks. Too much routine in a job completely bores you and you become dull, restless and dissatisfied, resulting in you behaving in an impulsive way without too much thought for what you are doing.

You scatter your energy, so even though you do have ambitions, you don't focus on one area enough to make it succeed. Learn to apply your great resourceful nature and you will succeed much more.

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