Heart Number Nine (9) (Numerology)


Heart Number Nine Meaning & Traits

Number Nine heart number is compassionate and impressionable. You want harmony and beauty in your life. You feel the burden of humanity and would like to help every single down-trodden, hurt or poor person, if you could.

You have very high ideals and you have an amazing ability to influence people and situation to make your ideals a reality. This means that your need for perfection is high and you can become easily discouraged when you cannot live up to your ideals (or even when others do not). Try not yo let these melancholic mood overcome your naturally sunny nature. You have such a gift that it would be a shame to not open yourself to embracing it.

You are very intuitive and emotional, so you really know what is inside the hearts of others. You have a deep compassion and tolerance for everyone and this means you can inspire others to greatness. You just need to learn how to control your emotions and not let them overwhelm you. Follow the beauty that is inside your soul. You really have a beautiful nature.

You should try not to get too disappointed when you realize you (just live everyone else) is only human, because this is when you can lose faith in yourself and the beauty inside your soul. Try not to let others take advantage your your good nature, just keep your eyes open for those who may be unscrupulous.

You are such a romantic at heart and capable of great and intense love with a partner who is as emotional and intense as you. Just be careful not to choose someone who does not have the same songs of beauty in their soul as this could really disappoint you.

Just remember to live up to your ideals and to the beauty, glamor and wonderful person you are.

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