Heart Number Seven (7) (Numerology)


Heart Number Seven Meaning & Traits

Number Seven heart number is discrimination and strives for the best. You really want the best that life has to offer. You aim for perfection, which is can be hard to achieve, because your goals can be somewhat unattainable, as they can be unrealistic and unreachable.

You have a voracious thirst for knowledge - you want to know why. You do not accept things at face value and want to analyze them from every angle to understand better.

You are very intuitive, which seems contrary to your analytical side, but you have both abilities. This makes you very outstanding and will help you in your life, as your intuition can help you work out if something is useful or good for you in the first place and your analytical abilities can make it work for you in the long term.

You are naturally very introverted, which can make people view you as being aloof, cool and proud. Learn to open up a little and let people in. You do not need to distrust and be suspicious of everyone. Learn to give people a chance and you will both be surprised - others will see your generous and kind nature and will be able to warm to you.

You have very high standards and ideals and do not accept anything if it does not life up to these high standards. This can be a problem because nobody can be that perfect, not even yourself. Learn to let go a little and life will be much smoother and easier for you.

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