Heart Number Three

Learn more about Heart Number Three (3) in numerology and its meaning. Get the chance to understand more about the people/person that holds the number Three on their name or in their birth-date.


Number Three heart number is a romantic dreamer, who prefers fantasy land to reality. You have an excellent imagination, are very romantic and inspired and when you can use these talents in a beneficial way for you, you can achieve almost anything!

You really like to be comfortable in your home environment, you like to be surrounded by beauty and elegance. You are kind and obliging and will always helps any friends who need you. You are capable of great and enduring love and you really want to be loved in the same way.

You are a great talker, who is charismatic and entertaining and you generally find yourself the center of attention among your friends and acquaintances. You enjoy the attention. You are such a witty, charming entertainer. Sometimes though, you can be pensive and introspective and live in your head. It is much more beneficial for you to limit these times and try to express yourself outwardly to others.

You should try not to suppress your artistic, imaginative and creative nature, because this could make your feel very unhappy and resentful, which may even lead to illness. Open yourself up to the romance and beauty in your soul and you will find that many of life's opportunities and wonders also come your way.

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