Heart Number Eleven (11) (Numerology)


Heart Number Eleven Meaning & Traits

Number Eleven heart number is philosophical in nature. You are wise beyond your years (even if you are still quite young) and people look to you as as a wise one. You are the ultimate mediator, who can settle conflict and create harmony again.

You prefer the ideas and words to the practicalities of real life. This means you tend to live in your head a lot, rarely venturing out, unless you really need to.

You are a healer and have very sensitive emotions and can be quite intuitive and even prophetic. The strong feelings of others, especially the negative ones, can really affect you adversely, as you tend to absorb these. Learn to ground yourself and protect yourself from the negativity of others.

Your perceptive abilities mean you do not miss much that is happening around you.

You desire a partner who will not create disharmony or conflict in your life, so you try to choose them carefully, as you do not want to be disappointed. You are very romantic and idealistic, especially in love, so you need to choose a partner wisely.

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