Heart Number Two (2) (Numerology)


Heart Number Two Meaning & Traits

Number Two heart number is sincere, considerate and kind. You have a finesse and refinement o the soul and when you are being totally true to yourself, you will express this side of yourself. You are a gentle, sweet and sympathetic person and this has a lot of appeal to others - these qualities make you a very attractive person.

You are the cooperative one, you like to work in groups and have the support role. You depend on others to make the decisions as you do not have the confidence in yourself or trust in your own judgment.

You hate to hurt or offend other people, but this trait is likely to cause you problems when you squash your own feelings and desires in order to do what someone else wants.

You will do much to avoid conflict in every area of your life, but if you need to, you will fight for what you believe, but that's a rare case, as you prefer to persuade then to cause or be involved in any conflict. You can appear to be a push-over or too agreeable by others, who think you do not have an opinion. You just prefer to keep the peace and this means your gentle nature is no match for really aggressive or dominant people.

You need to learn to stand up for your own rights - that is your lesson.

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