Number Two (2) Compatibility (Numerology)


Your romantic style

Number Two is very tender-hearted, kind and romantic. You want a lover who will appreciate all of your romantic gestures, your affection and attention. Relationships are very important to you and you love to be in love! You really like to hold hands with your partner, because it makes you feel emotionally connected to them.

Equality in your relationships is very important to you, on all levels. You want to have a partner who will appreciate you and all that you do, so that they reciprocate in kind.

One of your lessons is to learn how to to really give and take - you tend to be able to do one without knowing how to do the other as effectively and a caring and loving partner is the right step in helping you learn this.

You can be a little demanding when you are feeling very negative and nothing your partner does can satisfy you when you are feeling like this.

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