Life Path Number Eight (8) (Numerology)


Life Path Number Eight Meaning & Traits

Number 8 people need to succeed in all pursuits. You especially need financial security in order to feel happy with your life. You are ambitious, self-sufficient and career-minded. You don't give up on your goals and you often reach them even when there are huge hurdles along the way.

You are stubborn, intense, persistent and a deep thinker, with great powers of concentration. You are very well organized and practical, so this goes a long way to helping you achieve your many goals in life.

You like to think you are an authority figure even if you are not, which can make you seem like a "know-it-all". Your need to be in control, means that you don't show your emotions and people view you as cold and calculating. You find it difficult to share, which is something you need to work on. Your personal relationships may be hard.

You can often make enemies because you can be very pushy and demanding of others, but what they may not realize is that you demand even more of yourself than you expect of others. Try to lighten up a little and more people will like you.

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Ambition, leadership, materialism.

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