Life Path Number Six (6) (Numerology)


Life Path Number Six Meaning & Traits

Number 6 is the number of harmony and balance (as it is closely linked with Libra). Number 6 people are great at balancing all areas of your life - friends, family, work and your partner better than the other Life Numbers. You have an interest in health and especially nutrition and will always try your best to feed your family well although you may not take care of yourself as well.

You are very attractive and magnetic to other people. You usually succeed in business, so your finances are healthy which allows you to indulge in your favorite luxury items.

You love beautiful things, are fond of art and music (you may even have talents in these areas) and love to be in beautiful surroundings.

You are caring, kind and considerate. You are also very faithful, dependable and honest.

Your main trouble is your jealousy when you think someone else has more than you. You can become very selfish and possessive, especially in your close relationships, which will cause no end of problems. You can also be very impractical and self-indulgent, which you need to guard against.

Your temper needs to be reined in because when you get angry, the world seems to shake in trepidation. Don't let your self-righteousness ruin your close relationships when you start judging people and don't see your own faults and weaknesses.

Kabbalistic Meaning

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Harmony, children, family, home.

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