Heart Number Six (6) (Numerology)


Heart Number Six Meaning & Traits

Number Six heart number is loyal and altruistic idealist. You have a need to make your mark on the world, to do good for humanity. You are very sympathetic and have a great sensitivity to the needs of others.

You are very faithful and loyal to your loved ones. You long for beauty and harmony in your life with a wonderful companion to share it with. When you are true to yourself, your life can be truly inspired.

You can sometimes give too much to those you love and are blinded to their faults, even when others point them out to you repeatedly. You need to curb your overly generous nature and let people deserve what you give them.

Sometimes you can be somewhat stubborn about your desires and can forget that others viewpoints are important too - its not just about you. You just think that you know best for everyone, but that is not always the case, so learn to listen to others too.

You have very strong beliefs in what is right and wrong and live by your ideals. You speak your mind and are especially concerned about justice and fairness in the world. You should always stay true to your ideals and not let life make you cynical or bitter as that would destroy such a beautiful soul as yours and that would be a terrible thing.

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