Heart Number Four (4) (Numerology)


Heart Number Four Meaning & Traits

Number Four heart number is practical and organised. You have an appreciation of the law and order, of morals and everything in its place so that you know where you and everyone else stands.

You are very practical in all areas of your life. You want to make your dreams a reality and have a very realistic approach to the way you achieve your goals. You are very loyal, stable and dependable and you do not waver much from any decisions you make. You are generally honest and sincere in the way you deal with other people.

You are serious and like to plan everything in as much detail and as far ahead as you can. You cannot handle uncertainty in any part of your life, as this make your feel very restless and unhappy, because you do not know what to do.

Once you make a decision, you stick to it, not wavering in any direction. You work hard and get results. Sometimes though, you can get lost in the details of what you are doing and lose sight of the bigger picture, which can slow you down or even confuse you.

You have a tendency to be resistant to any new ideas and your first impulse is to disagree, but just give it a little time and think about it first before saying no.

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