Life Path Numbers & Their Meanings (Numerology Readings)

The Life Path Number

The Life Path Number

Your complete birth-date

Your Life Number (also called the Life Path or Birth Path Number) is determined by your exact date of your birth, broken down to a single (or double) digit.

The Life Number is constant throughout your life, as you can only be born once and can only have one number for this (which can be different to the numbers in your name, which can change through marriage).

The Life Number is one of the most important numbers in numerology as it really shows who you are, on the deepest level.

Although the Life (Path) Number is one of the most important numbers of a person, it is not the only number that defines a person, there are others too, which are found in the numbers of the name.

Calculating the Life Number

How do we get to a single digit?

In order to get your birth number to a single digit, you need to add the numbers on your birth-date to get to a single digit number. Say your date of birth is 15 October 1970, this is how you calculate the Life Number from the birthdate:

So this means your Life Number is 6. Very simple isn't it?

You can always use our free Life Path number calculator for an easy and fast way calculating your number without the hassle.

Life Path Numbers

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Number 1 people are the leaders, the ones who are in charge. You have a strong determination and a purpose in life which you move...

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Number 2 people are well-balanced, sociable, cheerful, and have a sensitivity and and inner genteelness. Your home, loved ones and family are very important to...

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Number 3 people are are the adaptable, versatile and charming ones. You are very restless and need to be moving forward and changing direction every...

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Number 4 people are very hardworking, sensible, practical and need to feel stable to succeed in life. Once you have decided on a path in...

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Number 5 people are very creative and artistic. You have a great deal of energy and thirst for life and all you can experience. You...

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Number 6 is the number of harmony and balance (as it is closely linked with Libra). Number 6 people are great at balancing all areas...

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Number 7 people are the spiritual and intuitive ones. You are more often than not gifted with a psychic ability, which you should develop. ...

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Number 8 people need to succeed in all pursuits. You especially need financial security in order to feel happy with your life. You are ambitious,...

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Number 9 people are very creative and have a high awareness of your own spirituality. You tend to gravitate towards careers where you can help...

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The Number 11 is the first Master Number, which means it is a number of strength and power. This number should never be reduced to...

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The Number 22 is another Master Number which is seen as the number of perfection. This number should never be reduced to a single...

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