Life Path Number Seven (7) (Numerology)


Life Path Number Seven Meaning & Traits

Number 7 people are the spiritual and intuitive ones. You are more often than not gifted with a psychic ability, which you should develop.

You are a great mediator, you know exactly how to achieve peace between two warring parties. You are very sensitive, introspective and have a developed spirituality, irrespective of whether you follow a specific religion or not. You often have very vivid dreams which you almost always remember. You are an idealist and a thinker.

You are very wise and can be considered as the original good Samaritan, which means sometimes you help others without thinking about how it will affect you. You analyses and probe for information in your ongoing quest for knowledge.

Your interest in the spiritual can make you feel out of touch with the material world and reality. You have a strong imagination which makes you drift into your dream-world, your fantasies whenever the opportunity arises.

You need to avoid the tendency towards escapism, as this will not ground you and keep you in touch with reality. It will also mean you drift through life and do not reach your goals.

You also need to curb your tendency towards being depressed and morbid by being around other people and having fun. Keep in touch with your friends and family and stay sociable.

Kabbalistic Meaning

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Magic, intuition, spirituality.

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