Life Path Number Nine (9) (Numerology)


Life Path Number Nine Meaning & Traits

Number 9 people are very creative and have a high awareness of your own spirituality. You tend to gravitate towards careers where you can help mankind, especially through charitable work and even if you do not work in this area, you will be the first to donate to your charities and spend more time thinking about ways you can improve the lot of mankind. You are very honest, courteous and friendly, although you can be quite impressionable by people you highly respect.

You are very passionate and appear a lot older than you actually are. You are a natural philosopher who values knowledge for its own sake, you have a need to know about everything.

You have a compassionate ideology that is more pronounced than in the other Life Numbers. You forgive others easily. You are very sensitive to any type of criticism as you do tend not to think of yourself as fallible in any way. You are really creative and have lot of good ideas, but not much follow through, which is apparent in your inability to keep your finances in order.

Surprisingly you can be very competitive and moody if you do not win or get your own way. You should learn to be more patient and learn that if you fail in something does not mean you are a failure, just learn from your failure and move on to do better next time.

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Inspirational, humanitarian, humankind.

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