Number Nine (9) Compatibility (Numerology)


Your romantic style

Number Nine is very warm and loving. You are a people-pleaser who wants to make everyone like you. You have a huge capacity to give to your lover, you just want to make them happy, you do not seek any reciprocation from your lover other than their happiness. You are very liberated and do not like to restrict your partner.

You are sensitive and have a tendency to very bad moods, where your bad temper can arise from nowhere very quickly.

In general, you are quite easy-going, but you have high expectations of your lover and if they don't match what you want from them, your critical nature comes out.

You are intelligent, witty and a natural entertainer and you are attracted to a person who is just as intelligent and articulate, with a good sense of humor. You need mental stimulation from a lover.

You are quite changeable in your personality and take on a different person around different people, which means you can accommodate all type of different people and are not attracted to one type of person.

You need to guard against giving too much of yourself, that you find you have no more to give. You also need to be aware when someone is using you and your giving nature and remove yourself from that person's grip.

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