Number One (1) Compatibility (Numerology)


Your romantic style

Number One is very sexy, passionate and exciting. You can be very demanding of your lovers and expect a lot from them. You need a lot of adoration and attention from your partner.

When you have your eye on someone special, nothing can stop you until you get what you want. You are very seductive and irresistible, with formidable power that attracts your lovers to you like honey to a bee. You can sometimes come on strong with your lover - you are not known for your subtlety.

Sometimes you choose lovers who can fulfill certain ambitions in your life, you may choose someone quite dispassionately, because they fulfill a certain criteria that you believe is important to you.

One of your lessons is to learn how to get more emotionally involved with your partner, to get in deep and let yourself be really vulnerable to love. You will have better relationships if you can learn how to do this.

Number One can often be tempted to cheat on their partners.

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