Number Eight (8) Compatibility (Numerology)


Your romantic style

Number Eight is very actually very charming and charismatic. You can use this great personal magnetism you have to get anyone you want. You charm the pants off anyone, without them even noticing that you did it and even make them do things (especially sexually) that they would never imagine doing for anyone else. Such is the power of the Number Eight.

With all of this power, you can be rather arrogant and conceited, very full of your own self-importance. Amazingly, some of your lovers find this a total and utter turn-on!

You are very vain and often choose partners who have the same level of vanity, as it suits your ego to be with someone who other people admire and want too.

You need to have control and power in your relationships, which can lead to many arguments with someone who is as strong as you. Conversely, while you like to be in control, you also want your lover to control you too! This contradictory need is bound to cause some interesting moments for your and your partners - at least making up after the arguments will be great!

While not altruistic, you do love to empower people and if you find yourself with a weaker person, you like to help reinforce them and make them feel more confident in themselves and help strengthen their self-esteem, because this empowers you and makes you stronger.

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