Number Seven (7) Compatibility (Numerology)


Your romantic style

Number Seven is very idealistic. You tend to be attracted to people who inspire your imagination and who are larger than life. You like to live in your fantasy world and want someone who can be open to your very imaginative nature.

You are very good looking and sexy, which attracts a lot of potential partners to your side. You are very loving and physically affectionate with your partners, which they really like.

You follow your intuition about attraction (and keeping) a lover. You have very high expectations of both yourself and your lover, but it is your inability to handle reality that is the downfall of your relationships.

You are very sensitive and vulnerable and to protect yourself, you pretend you don't care and that you are harder than you actually are when someone hurts you. You can come across as uncaring because you wear this mask a lot, to protect you. You can be very cold and calculating when you want to be when you feel attacked and need to retaliate.

You tend not to get too emotionally involved with your partners, preferring to stay at a distance. The reason for this is that you prefer your fantasy of the situation rather than the reality, so you like to keep your distance, physically and literally in your relationships.

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