Heart Number One (1) (Numerology)


Heart Number One Meaning & Traits

Number One heart number is confident, strong and a leader. No matter how you feel and express yourself on the outside, on the inner side, you are stronger than you show the world. You have great ambition, which you quietly pursue, without making a fuss about it or making your intentions clear to anyone. You just don't believe you need to.

You have a great deal of inner strength and determination, which helps you achieve your dreams. You like to do things your way and are never happy if you have to work in a subordinate role - you need to be the boss. Even if you are at a lower level of a company, you don't stay there long, because your ambition and drive does not allow you to be complacent. If you are in a non-leadership role, its only because you are not allowing your strength of your convictions to come to the fore, to allow you to move forward and up.

Just remember, a great leader thinks not only of themselves, but of others too and helps and inspire others to do their best.

You can be stubborn and willful at times when you feel that your superiors are telling you to do things which you totally disagree with, which others will see as being dominant or egotistical. You just need to stand up for your ideals, with courtesy and respect and honor the other person's stance, but let them know why you disagree in an assertive manner. This should clear up any misunderstandings you may have.

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